Murawski Miniatures Vistula Legion

Just a quick post to show what’s come off the workbench lately

2 Battalions of Murawski Miniatures Vistula Legion

The first is from the standard Vistula figures and the second from the Vistula in gaiters range.

I decided to paint them a little differently this time though with the first with a blue collar lined yellow and the second with an all yellow collar as I’d seen 2 different versions. Flags are from GMB

I’m not certain about the centre company pom poms though, I’ve painted these white but I wonder if they ought to have the same colours as those of the centre companies in a French Line battalion – green, sky blue, aurore and violet. If you know the correct answer please be kind enough to put me right

I also found some spare DOW command figures I ‘d forgotten and some Vistula casualties

I really enjoy painting these, I must get some more and add them to the lead pile!


About valleyboynz

A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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4 Responses to Murawski Miniatures Vistula Legion

  1. Russell Briant says:

    Stunning and thought provoking work as always.

    I’m in the process of organising an 1813 campaign for next year which will generate some Black Powder games. Part of Terry’s Garage gaming, so the next of the Really Big Battles series.

    Will keep you in the loop in case you would like to get some of these or others on the table top and we can get dates and life to align.



  2. Hello valleyboy

    I can vouch that to anyone who asks that your Vistula Legion figures are nicer in the flesh … so to speak.

    I’ve sent an email re the head gear of the Vistula legion chaps.

    von Peter himself

  3. valleyboynz says:

    That’s very kind of you Peter, I hope one day we can get a 28mm rather than a 15mm game played

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