Swiss Pike off the Workbench

Just a quick post to show that I’m still alive. Like many I feel a little despondent having had many of my earlier posts emasculated by Photobucket’s decision to not allow 3rd Party Hosting without a hefty annual sub. I’ll try and get around to replacing the photos at some stage but work is very busy at present

I’ve just finished a fourth unit of Swiss Pike for my slow burn Italian Wars project. They’ve been languishing for ages it seems. I decided to use a mix of blue red and yellow for these. Figures by Artizan

This means I now have  a decent Swiss pike block of 97 figures

Only a pile of Landsknecht by Old Glory and 2 units by Warlord to go and I think I’ll have enough pike

I might move on to some cavalry then


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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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6 Responses to Swiss Pike off the Workbench

  1. Russell Briant says:

    Stunning. Got a set of rules in mind to use them for?

  2. valleyboynz says:

    Thanks Guys. I’m afraid not Russell, its such a slow project that I’m hoping something will just turn up!

  3. Sumptuous renditions of them fanatical, dangerous and impossible to control men valleyboy.

    Be careful with them. Even shrunk down to 28mm those pikes look like they could do damage to delicate flesh! 😃

    von Peter himself

  4. PS. I’m sure that you are aware of OLICANALAD’S GAMES blog –
    Hi Italian Wars ‘stuff’ is inspirational, eg.

    Your obedient servant

    von Peter himself

  5. valleyboynz says:

    Hi Peter, thank you – Olicanalad’s blog has long been a source of inspiration to me and a drain on my wallet!

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