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Yet Another Diversion – Samurai

I have to ask what I’m doing again when I was supposed to be painting some ECW figures or was it 28mm SYW figures or was it Russian Napoleonics! At what about those 15mm AB Young Guard figures I just … Continue reading

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Oh Look Shiny – yet another new project and other bits

Will I ever learn? No matter how many times I tell myself I have more than enough to do and despite the fact that I already seem to have several large projects on the go in 28mm Napoleonics, 28mm SYW … Continue reading

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The Great Wargames Room clean up

I’ve not been that productive in the paint department of late but I have at last managed to finish the 28mm Perry Russian Hussars whose horses I painted some time ago Here they are – the Izumy Hussar Regiment I … Continue reading

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Mamelukes, ADCs and Prussian Command

I finally managed to paint the remaining 37 horsemen from the fast paint horse batch along with 3 additional foot I found in the spares box to make up some ADC stands and Prussian command The French ADC stands are … Continue reading

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15mm Prussian Napoleonic cavalry

Happy New year to all Following on from the fast paint horses post I’ve managed to finish some of the cavalrymen in the past month. I’ve completed the 2nd Dragoon Regiment, The Leib Hussar regiment and the 1st Silesian Landwehr … Continue reading

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Speed Painting Horses

From talking to most wargaming friends its pretty obvious that one of our most common complaints or difficulties is actually getting units finished and painted so they can be used on the wargames table. Sometimes there is added pressure to … Continue reading

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ABC or Another Bloody Castle

Today we start the first leg of the journey home with a journey to Nottingham. This will entail a stop off at the Partizan show tomorrow and hopefully a visit to Warlord Games and Wargames Foundry on Monday. (oops update … Continue reading

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