The Lead Pile

I took a break from painting this afternoon and by way of motivation I decided to tally up what is in the Lead Pile. After doing this  I thought it might be novel to do the opposite to what I normally do – I thought I’d show the pictures of figures I haven’t finished rather than those that I have just finished! I have been productive of late though having just finished some AB Russian Napoleonic artillery and Grenadiers along with some Crusader Miniatures Austrian SYW infantry

At least it made me see sense and stopped me subscribing to Footsore Miniatures Barons’ War Kickstarter! 

The list of shame

The Lead Pile May 2020

28mm Figures

Plastic Boxes

1 Box 60 Victrix French 1804 Napoleonic infantry (unassembled)

1 Box 40 Perry Plastic Napoleonic British Infantry (unassembled)

1 Box 36 Wargames Factory WSS infantry (unassembled)

1 Box 40 Gripping Beast Arab Spearmen & Archers (unassembled)

1 Box 12 Conquest Games Norman Knights (unassembled)

1 Box 40 Perry plastic WOTR infantry (unassembled)



1 x24 Eagle Miniatures Austrian SYW Grenzers

1 x24 Crusader Miniatures Austrian Artillerymen

2 x24 Crusader Miniatures Austrian Grenadiers

1 x 12 Crusader Miniatures Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers

1 x24 Crusader Miniatures Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers

2 x24 Crusader Miniatures Austro-Hungarian Infantry

1 x 10 Assorted Austrian Foot

2 x 24 Crusader Miniatures Prussian Grenadiers

2 x24 Crusader Miniatures Prussian Musketeers

1 x18 Blue Moon 18th Century Civillians

10 Eagle Miniatures Mounted Commander type figures

French & Indian Wars

1 x North Star FIW British 300point army (33 figures)

1 x North Star FIW French 300 point army (31 figures)



1 x32 Perry Miniatures Russian Napoleonic infantry battalion

1 x24 Perry Miniatures Russian Dragoon Regiment

1 x24 Perry Miniatures Russian Cuirassier Regiment

1 x24 Perry Miniatures Russian Uhlan Regiment

2 x24 Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Hussars

1 Perry Miniatures Waterloo Vignette

32 Assorted French Mounted Commanders & ADCs (mainly Perry)

20 Assorted Russian Napoleonic infantry

24 Perry Miniatures Voltigeurs Skirmishing


36 Woodbine Design WW1 British Infantry for Palestine

3 x Artizan Design Arab Camel Irregulars

36 Artizan Design Arab Irregular Infantry

12 Battle Honours  Australian Light Horse (Mounted)


26 Footsore VBCW Miniatures (mainly BUF)


3 Warlord Games Mounted Commanders

2 X 40 Warlord Games Pike & Shot infantry regiments

1 x12 Empress Miniatures Cavalry

4 x24 Empress Miniatures Infantry Regiments

Italian Wars

1x 20 Artizan Design Landsknecht

119 Old Glory Landsknecht Foot

22 Old Glory Landsknecht artillery

8 Wargames Foundry Landsknecht artillery

22 Wargames Foundry Mounted Gendarmes

27 Perry Miniatures assorted foot

1 X Warlord Games Young and Old Maximillian Set

1 x Warlord  Games  Götz Von Berlichingen & Georg Von Frundsberg set


8 Wild West Cowboys

24 Perry Miniatures Samurai on Foot

Approx 60 LOTR Miniatures (mainly plastic

Dark Ages

1 Blacktree Design Saxon King Set

1 Blacktree Design Blacksmith set

30 Wargames Factory Plastic Saxon Foot


15mm Figures


4 x 32 AB French Young Guard infantry

12 AB French Young Guard infantry skirmishing

1 X Eureka Miniatures French Camp Vignette

1 X Eureka Miniatures French Limber Team standing

2 x AB Waterloo Vignette

1x 24 AB Russian Dragoon Regiment

1x 24 AB Russian Cuirassier Regiment

1 x24 Battle Honours  Saxon Hussars (I think)

30 assorted Minifigs French Napoleonic Infantry

36 Freikorps French Napoleonic Infantry

38 Minifig British Highland Infantry

66 Assorted Battle Honours & Fantassin Spanish Infantry

40 Old Glory Spanish Infantry

16 Old Glory French Chasseus in Campaign dress


38 Old Glory ACW Zouaves

42 Assorted Old Glory Infantry

25 AB Assorted Infantry

64 Peter Pig Assorted infantry

8 Peter Pig Infantry being rude

16 Peter Pig ACW Dead infantry

8 Peter Pig Mounted ACW Fifgures


Approx 300 Two Dragoon Miniatures 15mmSamurai

40 Peter Pig Miscellneous Indians on foot

9 Unkown Us Cavalry Horse casualties


3 X Black Raven Foundry Ashurite Oliphaunt & Crew


6mm Figures

1 x6mm Russian Napoleonic army (minus 6 x24 battalions)


1 Box Spartan Games Dystopian Wars Federated States America Naval battle Group

4 Perry Miniatures 40mm Napoleonic French Infantry

I think I might finish on a positive note though! I did paint these recently

This is to be the subject of my next post I hope – D’Erlon’s attack at Waterloo


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Quatre Bras – a refight

Needing a change from painting, I decided I would play a solo game. I’ve wanted to replay the battle of Quatre Bras for some time and so decided to to this over the Easter holiday. This was a solo game using General d’Armee rules by Dave Brown, and again thanks to Dave setting this up was no hardship – Dave has produced an 1815 scenario booklet available as a PDF from the Too Fat Lardies
With this handy resource available I set up the terrain, though my stream I suspect is a little too wide (I probably need to make a small stream – fortunately I have some Neoprene and some floor tiles left over, so that might be a job for the coming weekend) and then looked at the OOB to get the armies sorted.

The view from the Allied side with Bylandt’s brigade on the right and Saxe Weimar on the left

The Allies were led by the Prince of Orange, classed a blusterer and so losing one ADC per turn, thus only in reality starting the game with one ADC as opposed to the 6 available to the French

The view from the French side with Jerome’s brigade in the foreground then Soye’s Brigade with Bachelu’s  behind in reserve and Campi’s in the distance. (why does auto-correct want to change that to Scampi?)

I split the batteries giving one to Campi on the right flank and making the other 2 available to Jerome and Soye for the assault up the road towards Gemioncourt farm.  Below is Soye’s brigade with Bachelu’s  behind it.

Both cavalry brigades were deployed to the right flank, one on either side of Campi’s brigade. The Chasseurs are out of shot on the right

At this point I felt a bit of a pang of regret as I’ve not really built up a Dutch Belgian Force. Those that I have were collected probably around 25 years ago and are from Miniature Figurines. They have a decent paint job but they are hardly inspiring, though I do have one battalion of Nassauers by AB.

Similarly when I produced my Brunswick army all those years ago, the only figures available wee again by Minifigs and I even remember struggling to source a Duke of Brunswick Figure and in the end I came up with one from Naismith I think.
I recall giving them a rapid paint job, all 7 battalions, Jaeger Hussars and Lancers but they are pretty awful even though I tarted up the bases a few years ago. I just won’t take any close ups then!

Nevertheless, poorly painted figures or not and with British in greatcoat as substitutes for Nassauers of Saxe Weimar’s division its game on!

As an aside, if you want to see a video of the battle using superbly painted troops have a look at this

Turn 1:- Not a good omen. Having decided to use Jerome’s division on the left to spearhead the attack and drive past Gemioncourt farm towards and over the bridge with a “Forwards” order guess what? I allocated all of the paltry 3 French ADCs to him only to fail a brigade activation test and become hesitant!

Turns 2 and 3: –
That Jerome is off and on, hesitant 1 turn and moving the next! As it happens on the Allied side Bylandt decides to give ground and the French artillery and skirmishers from Soye’s division begin to attack the farm. With only 1 ADC its quite difficult to get the Allied side doing anything as Pack arrives to the right of the town.

Turns 4 to Turn 6
More allied troops arrive with those horribly painted Brunswickers arriving and Merlen’s cavalry. The Brunswickers are slowly moving around the Allied left flank where Saxe-Weimar is holding some high ground


Eventually after an ineffective softening up fire the 2nd battalion of the 1st Ligne dislodge the Dutch 7th Line in the second round of melee and evict them from the farm. 

Given that this was supposed to be a strong-point that was hardly a stellar performance from the 7th Dutch Line

On the French right flank leading battalions of Campi’s division and the 5th and 6th Line Lancers are making some headway across the stream whilst more allied reinforcements rush to their left flank to try and stabilise this flank and prevent its envelopment.

Meanwhile on the French left it looks like the ponderous Jerome is going to be neutered by the arrival of Pack and so Ney orders up Bachelu’s division to give some support.


On reflection they shouldn’t have been held back as a reserve but throw in aggressively from the start in an attempt to overwhelm the Allied force whilst they were so short on numbers

Turn 7

A bit of action as the 5th Lancers’ gallant charge wipes out the Nassauer Foot battery. desperate re-roll attempts helped by supports were ineffective as both sides totalled 8 resulting in the artillery being unformed facing the charge and the Lancers going into the melee with elan. The resultant 9 combat dice vs 1 didn’t give the gunners much hope in the ensuing melee. So after a break for dinner (mine, not theirs!)its on to turn 8 with Bylandt’s command now faltering.


Turn 8

This sees 4 French attempts to charge

In the first of these , somehow the 7th Militia manages to hold off and unform the 1st battalion of the 1st French Ligne.

The 3rd Nassau finds itself within 15 cms of the 5th Lancers and its attempt to form square by a discipline test is disastrous and the unit is ridden down by the charging lancers so exposing the flank of the 7th Line in Bylandt’s brigade. Somehow though they manage to form square in time and the lancers flow around the square and eventually return to their own lines

Elsewhere the 1st Nassau in Saxe-Weimar’s bridade are charged by the 1/72nd Ligne and nearby a Brunswick light battalion is routed by the charge of the 108th Ligne

This dismal showing means that all of a sudden the Allies already have 2 Faltering brigades and when Bylandt’s artillery is reduced beyond 50% and disperses, a 3rd Faltering brigade ensues.

Turn 9

Can it get any worse for the Allies?

Sure it can, Saxe Weimar and the Brunswick light brigade throw dismal dice when testing to recover from their faltering state and both sustain “Save Qui Peut” results, permanently losing their ADCs and suffering further casualties as they retire backwards. Somehow Bylandt manages to rally his brigade though they remain hesitant.

Unfortunately this is to no avail as the 7th Militia are caught in the flank by the charge of 2nd battalion of the 2nd Ligne and are unfomed when facing their opponents who charge with elan.

The result is inevitable as is that when the 1st Ligne hit the hapless 7th Line caught by infantry when they are still in square. To add insult to injury, their attempt to fire results in a loss of fire discipline and they are overrun

All along the battlefield the whole French line seems to be advancing, even Jerome is crossing the stream to take on Pack’s Brigade.


Meanwhile Kempt leaves the safety of Quatre Bras in anticipation of filling the hole that is likely to occur when Bylandt finally runs for safety

At this point there is some minor hope on the allied side as the rifles blow away the advancing French skirmish screen.

Similarly the 42nd Highlanders give the French 1st Legere  a bit of an eyeful in more ways than one 🙂

Its up close and personal, err very personal actually


Meanwhile the 44th Line cause 5 casualties on the 2nd Legere with a well aimed volley

Turn 10

Allied woes now really begin to escalate as the permanent loss of ADCs hits home with only 2 available ADC to try and rally 3 faltering brigades and its now Bylandts’s turn to shout save qui peut.

Saxe Weimar rallies but is down to 50% of his original strength and the Brunswick Light rally and obey orders

Turn 11

More disaster as the French Chasseurs cause Merlens’ light dragoons to rout from melee and by the next turn with French batteries redeploying and taking their toll, the Brunswickers decide enough is enough and the Allied left flank crumbles away

Its clear at this point that the French victory is overwhelming with Bachelu’s brigade and the Cuirassiers not even engaged. It was never possible to get the Brunswick cavalry forward, at best they might just cover the retreat of Pack and Kempt’s brigade as both Soye and Jerome’s brigades are a bit battered.

The Brunswick Line brigade might hope to retreat in some order if they can get away from the lancers and Chasseurs closing around the flank but even that will be touch and go.


So all in all a very enjoyable game that turned quite quickly in the end, with such an untimely and  catastrophic run of dice resulting in the rapid loss of 3 brigades in 1 turn there was never going to be any chance of the allies recovering particularly as the French came on relentlessly. 

So I think I might be onto Waterloo next!

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I should have been at Borodino!

Yesterday I should have been making my way back home from Wellington after taking part in a refight of the battle of Borodino. Instead, here I am at home like the rest of you wondering what to paint next. Needless to say because of the effect of the NZ lockdown we didn’t travel to Martinborough last Wednesday for a day or two of wine tasting, to be  followed by a weekend in Wellington with a collection of NZ wargamers playing Borodino.

I’m not the only disappointed gamer as highlighted here by Terry, one of the main organisers .

I’d done quite a bit of painting for the event but my efforts were minimal compared to the work that others had done in organising this massive refight, as highlighted in Terry’s thread. So instead of a battle report I thought I’d put up some pictures of some of my 28mm Russian and Duchy of Warsaw Napoleonics.

I was to play Poniatowski – I suppose that at least gives me the time to familiarise myself with the Black Powder rules chosen for the game. Unlike my chosen rules General d’Armee, the guys use 24 figure battalions and  cavalry regiments of 12 figures whereas mine are configured to 32 figure battalions for Russians and 36 figures for the DOW and French and 24 man (and horse!) cavalry regiments

My Russian army is growing ever so slowly, I’ve added 2 infantry battalions in the past week bringing me up to a total 10 infantry battalions (6 Perry Miniatures and 4 Warlord games). The Jaeger unit, one of the two latest painted units below was obviously on the receiving end of that artillery fire in the picture above: –

Here are the Warlord Games Russian infantry and a foot battery

At the moment I only have 2 units of light cavalry finished but a unit each of Russian Cuirassiers, dragoons and Uhlans are undercoated and waiting their turn in the painting queue, maybe I’ll get them done in time for the rearranged refight


Regrettably there seem to be a dearth of command figures available in the Perry range, I’ll need to get some more from somewhere

By contrast, my Duchy of Warsaw figures are almost exclusively from the lovely Murawski Miniatures range. I think I have enough now, with total of 8 x 36 Line Battalions and 2 from the Vistula Legion range

The horse teams are Perry Miniatures borrowed from my French army but I’ve recently added an horse artillery battery to the Foot battery I painted a few years ago

On the right wing, the Chasseurs and Krakus are ready to pounce….

While on the left the Lancers and Hussars see an opportunity to charge home

And that’s just about it except for the new command figures

Is this where I confess that I also have another Poniatowski figure base by Front Rank!

At the moment I don’t think I can face painting another 28mm Russian battalion, I need a change, ideally I also need to buy more Russian infantry but on the other hand I’ve half a mind to add a small Prussian force instead. Now there’s a thought!

So what do I paint next? SYW Austrians? 15mm AB Young Guard, 15mm Russian Napoleonics or do I start on the FIW Muskets and Tomahawks figures I got in the Northstar kick-starter. I know I’m all over the place painting wise but my painting productivity is dependent on variety. Choices eh?

Best wishes to all, stay safe in these difficult times, and remember no wargames opponents from outside your bubble unless that is you reckon you can keep them on the other side of a wargames table that’s at least 2 metres wide!


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Off the Workbench

I felt I needed a change from painting recently so decided to make a few terrain bits again with the main aim to finish some fields. I’d picked up some tufts at Partizan almost 2 years ago, I can’t recall from which company and wanted to make some wheat fields. I also bought some 1omm tufts from Warlord Games and thought they’d make some reasonable crop fields. I’d bought some wide pieces of Neoprene for this and pinned them down

Originally I’d intended to just use  Neoprene for these but hit on the idea of using theses Peel and Stick vinyl tiles. A friend of mine had made a few roads with them and I thought I’d do the same

In the past I’ve made roads from Neoprene with its flexible nature allowing the roads to follow contours. That can’t be done with Vinyl tiles, they have to be flat but I’ve never found making roads so easy and made several metres in no time by cutting them in half along their long axis making roads 75mm wide and  up to 90 cms long. The beauty of this is that there’s no messing around with PVA initially, just peel off the backing and dip in the sand

Once their dry its just a matter of painting, dry brushing and then adding the flock and putting them in the sun to dry

As far as the fields go I think these are passable for crop fields. I suppose I just found the Warlord tufts to be quite uniform and hence somewhat limited.

Still not a bad result or little work

Oi what do you think you’re playing at?

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A few photos on a sunny day

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat – and as it happens so am I! Inevitably in NZ With Christmas approaching this means that the sun comes out and there’s a chance to take photographs. Consequently yesterday I managed to take a few photographs of figures whose bases I finally managed to finish – these were the subject of my last WIP post.

Lately I seem to struggle taking photographs and now generally do this outside but to be honest I often find its too sunny (with apologies to my UK mates!) and I don’t get good results. The last lot I tried 2 weeks ago were unusable. Yesterday I got lucky and consequently some of the shots are reasonable. Cloudy days would seem to be best but I usually find the cloud cover clears once I’ve set up and ready to snap.

As an aside, and perhaps with more frustration I also struggle with the lighting in the wargames room and would be grateful for any practical advice as this seems to be too dark to take decent pictures . Consequently for a Christmas present I’ve asked Mrs VB to buy me some sort of lighting that I hope will mean I can manage more easily and get better results taking photos inside. If you have any tips or pointers I’m all ears

Well here we go. Perry Russian Mounted Jaeger take on the 13th and 10th Duchy of Warsaw Hussars from Murawski Miniatures whilst the infantry look on……

Some Crusader SYW cavalry

Prussian Cuirassiers and an Hussar regiment take on Austrian Dragoons and Cuirassiers

So its back to the workbench and to date I have 2 battalions of Prussia AB reservists painted with a 3rd waiting in the wings. I’m not sure what to paint once this final 3rd battalion is completed, more Russian 28mm Napoleonic infantry I think rather than some 15mm AB French Young Guard

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I haven’t been lazy – More Work in Progress

I’ve been quiet but I haven’t been lazy , honest though have been distracted by the Rugby World Cup, or that’s my excuse.

I have been lumbering my way through another load of cavalry, this time Prussian and Austrian SYW cavalry from Crusader Miniatures along with Russian Napoleonic Mounted Jaeger by Perry Miniatures. Just the basing to finish now.




Then there’s the small matter of my last 2 battalions of Murawski Miniatures Duchy of Warsaw  infantry and the 13th DOW Hussars. Just 12 more figures to go now to be painted as the 10th DOW Hussars .

This now leaves me free to buy a Horse battery and a unit of Chasseurs ready for a Borodino refight in Wellington NZ in March.

Think I might go the easy route next and paint some AB 15mm Prussian reservists

Unfortunately all this horseflesh means that my bright idea to have  a “fight night” once per week and play a solo game have not moved on and the armies  set up at least 2 months ago remain in their original start position!

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Yet Another Diversion – Samurai

I have to ask what I’m doing again when I was supposed to be painting some ECW figures or was it 28mm SYW figures or was it Russian Napoleonics! At what about those 15mm AB Young Guard figures I just bought!

The reason? A Feudal Japan group build suggested on one of my favourite forums the Outpost

This is where I have to confess that the leadpile contains Samurai figures in 40mm by Steve Barber /, 28mm by Perry Miniatures and 15mm from Two Dragoons Production. These have been languishing there for years –

The Steve Barber Models purchase came about as a result of seeing what I think I recall was a Penarth and District Wargames club had a demo game on at a wargames show. I moved to NZ in 1999 and I’m not sure if I bought these just before or on a return visit to the UK a few years later. These are really nice models to paint but the 4 Samurai Armoured foot and the Samurai Cavalryman in the just about did my head in. My main focus was to get them finished, but without a deadline to meet I could have taken more time and been more diligent in the painting as any minor error really shows up in this size. As it was I was laid low by a flu like illness and was unable to work for a few days. I still feel rotten even now but had I not had time off work through the illness I would never have got them finished!

The last of the Steve barber Models is a mounted Samurai. I put this together and it hung around in various boxes for years and the horses tail broke off. The first thing I had to do was greenstuff and epoxy this back one – conversions are not my strongpoint I’m afraid!

As I handled the figure to take pictures I kept rubbing the paint off and had to retouch it more than once and only after I started taking photos did I notice I hadn’t painted the  cast on grass on the base. Now I don’t normally varnish but because of this it was the first thing I did after taking the photos

Next the 28mm from Perry miniatures. I bought a few packs more than 10 years ago, the intention was that my younger son would paint these up and sell in order to get some pocket money but alas he never got a round to painting more than 1 figure

Again not being sure what I’ll do with these I decided to base them somewhat temporarily on some Warbases multi-bases I bought a few years ago but that were found to be too small for their intended use with dark Age figures

I suppose that just leaves me with the Two Dragoons 15mm Figures. I suppose its a bit of a surprise that these are still breathing and not squashed flat as they’ve been at the bottom of the leadpile for the best part of 15 years I think. I bought them after being tempted by the collection of a Wellington Gamer that I saw on the net years ago. Wish I could still see them as I could do with the inspiration again

They look a bit small in comparison but hopefully that means that these Red Devils will turn out to be quick


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Oh Look Shiny – yet another new project and other bits

Will I ever learn? No matter how many times I tell myself I have more than enough to do and despite the fact that I already seem to have several large projects on the go in 28mm Napoleonics, 28mm SYW and 28mm Italian wars I’ve now started a 28mm ECW collection

I blame the internet and more specifically Empress Miniatures! I’ve always loved their ECW range and up to now have managed to avoid buying any. However a few months ago I found myself in possession of some cash that I won at golf and thought that spending this on wargames figures was a more appropriate reward than something golf related. This coupled with a visit to Partizan last year where I was captivated by Simon Millar’s For King and Parliament rules and game which weakened, nay, abolished my resolve!

Consequently having bought a 3 Regiment Brigade deal from Empress, the rules and bases from Simon along with flags from Flags of War I now somewhat shamefacedly present my efforts ( my shame face is because I’ve bought even more since and made the units bigger with 12 pike, 6 command and around 20 Musketeers!)

Firstly Sir Allen Apsley’s Regiment of Foot


The second unit is Anthony Thelwell’s regiment of Foot

Why these 2 Regiments? I just like the look of the flags! Painting on a 3rd Regiment is currently underway, these will be Sir Edward Stradling’s Regiment of Foot and so far the Pikemen are finished.

I’ve really enjoyed painting these, Empress seem to take paint nicely and suit my painting style. The only off putting thing I found was attaching the swords as I found it rather fiddly

Not content with just that? OK then, a few other things have rolled off the workbench

This 15mm Russian Church from Hovels – took me only a short time to paint

I also painted up some of their 28mm and 15mm walls, the 28s are in the pictures above and then  finally nine  WWI British Cavalry from Footsore Miniatures

These are currently out of production but I bought them when there was a sale on some time ago (I sound like my wife now!) and intend to use them for my VBCW games

Not a bad turn out I suppose in the past 2 months considering I’ve been playing golf on most Saturdays and Sundays since my last post.

Not sure what I’ll tackle next, either some Empress ECW cavalry or some 15mm Prussian Napoleonic Reservists


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The Great Wargames Room clean up

I’ve not been that productive in the paint department of late but I have at last managed to finish the 28mm Perry Russian Hussars whose horses I painted some time ago

Here they are – the Izumy Hussar Regiment

I also had a change from painting white Austrian SYW uniforms by painting these Grenz by Crusader as the Banal-Grenzinfanteriereigiment Nr 1


At the moment, rather perhaps stupidly, I have begun a new period 28mm ECW and bought some figures from Empress Miniatures. This is a test figure

The figures are very slender compared to other 28mm figures I’ve painted but do seem to take paint nicely. I suspect that this means I will end up having a break from painting Napoleonic and SYW figures, thereby stalling progress in these projects by being side tracked by the “Oh shiny” effect! I’m really looking forward to painting the cavalry

The other distraction was the need to re-arrange my wargames room. I did this because one of my display cases was in the NZ sun for a few hours early in the day and I felt that they would inevitably fade. This meant emptying both display cabinets and the cupboard and swapping their positions around. I think the photos give an idea of the size of the task, it took me the best part of 5 or 6 evenings and reminded me how much lead I and plastic I seem to have acquired over the years. I’ve also vowed to sell off some figures and have a good clear out of some old wargames magazines but I’ll do that at a later date


Whilst doing this I decided to move my Dark age figures out of the cabinets having bought a metal filling cabinet with 15 drawers

For those in NZ you might be interested by this link

I’m going to have to trim the odd spear or standard as the drawers won’t quite take a spear or standard height of greater than 70mm! Again I think that will have to wait

One unforeseen effect of the new drawer unit is now the spare no of storage boxes I have again! I’ll have to paint faster so I can refill them again with painted figures! I think I must be a hoarder though, that Kickers box in one of the above photos must be at least 30 year old – oddly enough it contains an unfinished card model of Hougoument!

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Mamelukes, ADCs and Prussian Command

I finally managed to paint the remaining 37 horsemen from the fast paint horse batch along with 3 additional foot I found in the spares box to make up some ADC stands and Prussian command

The French ADC stands are from the Command range and I have painted these previously but Nic from Eureka very kindly sent me an additional set when I bought some cavalry for my birthday.

I added a few additional figures and found some Young Guard Officers in my spares box to make a divisional commander for my Young Guard along with a few of the more individual figures in the range

This time I painted the ADCs in different uniforms from the last batch I think


I just love the Lefebvre-Desnoettes figure

My favourite in the Mameluke range  is the following one that I think was modelled on Capitaine abdallah d’Asbonne 1813 as  illustrated in the Osprey series


He just has to be based alongside this Guard Horse artillery Officer that I painted up as Chasseur a cheval of the Guard Officer

That’s the 15mm Napoleonics finished for now, I’ve just had 4 battalions of Young Guard as a Christmas present but I suspect they are well down the painting queue. I have however made a start on the 28mm Russian hussars who’s horses I painted a few post ago

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