P is for Pointy sticks

That was a nice long Christmas break which meant more painting days than usual. This has resulted in the completion of my third and so far my biggest unit beginning with the letter P – this time under the guise of  P is for Pointy sticks

As I’m using the AHPC to make inroads into my lead-pile I chose Pointy Sticks because it is loose enough to allow me considerable latitude (or indecision if you like) in my choice of unit. My overall aim is to make progress on my new Barons War project, finish my ECW Royalist army, start their Parliamentary opponents, make some progress on my very slow burn Italian Wars project,maybe knock off a few Vikings and generally add a unit or two other longer standing and more complete armies.

In the end I decided to paint some cavalry because this allowed me to take a decent bite into my points target as well and these Footsore Miniature Norman Cavalry could double up at a pinch and be incorporated into my Crusader Army.

Duke William of Normandy
Footsore make 3 different packs of heavy cavalry

The Warlord and Banneman pack leads the way
The first thing you’ll probably notice is the different basing, some being based singly and others in threes on a 60 x 60 mm base. Did I mention I was indecisive?
The reason for the differing basing is that they can add to my Crusader army but having some on single bases will allow me to build a Norman Army for Footsore’s new “Conquest” supplement for the Barons war rules. I’m hoping to use some of my old Dux Britanniarum forces for this as well. When I bought the figures originally I had intended to base them in threes but this was before I knew about the Conquest rules

When using all of these for close or I’m going to have to fudge it somehow as 2 based singly take up 50 mm of width and the multiple base is 60 mm wide

I don’t think I’v ever painted 27 cavalrymen in a week before but I used the Speed Painting Method for horseflesh that gives reasonable results having cobbled together a technique that works for me here. https://valleyboyinnz.wordpress.com/2018/12/02/speed-painting-horses/

The Dark Side! showing the larger bases

A good productive week and without much of a beak I’ve moved onto the next unit which are some Bicorne Miniatures ECW figures

I hope to get them up here in the next day or two

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The Priest of St Oswald and the Pious

Having such a nice long holiday break has been good for the leadpile. Its too hot here to do much in the garden and I’ve pulled a hamstring so can’t play golf at the moment. Provided I keep adding plenty of water and stirring, the Vallejo’s not getting too lumpy

As a consequence I’ve managed to complete my second entry for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge – I’m trying to produce 12 units all with a connection to the letter P. This time P is for Pious

So I thought I’d start by showing something sort of Pieus

This was made by Nicki some time ago – I’d add that the glaze is not by Vallejo!

My actual Pious unit is much less mouthwatering I’m afraid.

The Priest of St Oswald leads the way ahead of the Bishop of York on ye Medieval road trip

These are figures from Footsore Miniatures Barons War range, sculpted by the incredibly talented Paul Hicks. They are actually from the BW3 kick-starter that were delivered a few months ago.

Unfortunately I missed the first two kickstarters and have been quietly buying packs with no particular Lord’s retinue in mind but rather by the Oh look shiny method since. The cloaked figures are from the Templar pack (unfortunately there’s only 1 pack at the moment) and the other models being “The priest of St Oswald” and the “Bishop of York”

Even with their backs turned with this amount of protection I don’t think anyone’s going to bash the Bishop! (snigger)

There are some other models in the range that I think would have been a nice addition to the unit but I’d already started painting the Stephen Langton figure but to date have not bought the Aymeric de St Maur (Templar Master) figure or the Milities Christi Monks packs. I think such a future purchase along with painting a few foot sergeants, spearmen and a few missile troops in Templar livery and supplementing them with some peasant levy will really flesh out this force into a coherent retinue to use in the game.

I’m not sure why I have 2 Oswald foot figures but painting brown made such a nice change to painting white

Next in line for Project P are some Normal Cavalry again from Footsore

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The Peasants are…. Selling and not Revolting

Belated Christmas wishes or Nadolig Llawen to all and best wishes for the New Year. I hope you all have a trouble free 2022 and a productive hobby year.

I’m really pleased to have secured a place this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.com/. In the past I’ve often watched it from afar but a timely listen to a Yarkshire Gamer podcast https://yarkshiregamer.blogspot.com/ while painting was fortunate. In this particular podcast YG was interviewing Curt Campbell the creator of the AHPC and as a consequence made an application and I got a slot.

Because this is the 12th Challenge I felt I needed to play catch up and so have committed to producing 12 units, each worth at least 25 points. My overall target is to manage 1000 points worth of figures by the end of the challenge in late March. A 28mm foot figure is worth 5 points

I think I was painting some Pike at the time and thought that a theme with a link to the letter P would be a good idea. On reflection I don’t know why, possibly because I was also a bit pissed and that this was a Project after all! I felt this would allow me to wander between my various projects, rather than say try and produce 1000 points worth of ECW figures for example – wandering is something that helps my productivity.

I took a few days mulling this over, discarding some P’s such as Prussian, Pandours, Palestine WW1 (which looking back I should have selected as this would mean I’d have to get on and paint those WW1 British and Arabs I’ve had for an age) and came up with the following list

1 Pike & Shotte

2 Parliamentarian

3 Pointy – As in Pointy Sticks

4 Peasants

5 Pious

6 Personality

7 Posh ( as in self important or gaudy posers)

8 Polished

9 Prancing (as on the back of an horse)

10 Pagan

11 Perry Miniatures

12 Plastic

I hope this allows me sufficient latitude to paint things from the Footsore Miniatures Barons War range, my planned ECW Parliamentarian army, expand my Italian wars collection, maybe some Normans or Vikings. I reckon “polished” allows me a choice to paint some Italian Wars Gendarmes or maybe some AB French Cuirassiers for example

I’ve just finished my first entry and these are the lovely 18th Century Civilians produced by Igor Karpov in his Ratnik Miniatures range. I got them here https://www.gamingfigures.com/product/16664/Ratnik-Miniatures-18th-Century-Civili

Its Sunday Market

I first came across his sculpting a few years ago and bought a few figures from the Lead Adventure Miniatures Bruegelberg Range and loved their characterful nature. They really are a joy to paint

A view from the back
A closer look
Ive only just spotted that bare metal – Can’t see it on the figure with my magnifiers even- bloody Camera close ups!
Any idea what the bloke on the left is meant to be carrying?
I particularly like the Ladies carrying the firewood and bread

I can’t recommend these figures enough

I’ve just trawled through some old photos for the peasants from the Bruegelberg range and just added them in below

This is a collage of an old LAF LPL challenge from 2012
The plague?
Medieval Bob Dylan?
Alms for the poor? Help an old soldier?

So there we are

Not sure what I’ll try and finish next – unfortunately I started quite a few Barons War figures a day or two before the challenge started so making them ineligible. Never mind

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I’m taking a break from painting at the moment as I’m in NZ’s South Island at at Aoraki or Mount Cook National Park

We started out from Christchurch yesterday after spending a few days there. We took a look at the Botanical Gardens amongst other things …

A Stairway to heaven?

My kind of chandelier and light fittings

Then across Mckenzie Country to Lake Tekapo and eventually Aoraki

Never had such a view from a restaurant before

So today we went on a bit of an hike – we walked the Hooker valley track

The start of a comfortable 5kms hike
The Mueller Glacier lake
Looking back
This is why you don’t get your feet wet!
Kopukupuku or Mount Cook Buttercup
The way ahead
Onward and upward
Over the last rise and here is Hooker Lake
Complete with its own icebergs
These got closer as we stayed
Journey’s end, cant recall a nicer place we’ve had a picnic
People actually climb this!
The walk back is just as stunning

Please forgive the lack of wargames content!

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Oops – Not Quite a Lion Rampant

Just a quick update this time – what a daft thing to do!

Doh! -Spot the deliberate mistake

I’m really enjoying painting Footsore Miniatures Barons War Miniatures but from now on I think I’ll drink coffee rather than wine as I paint

Here’s the progress so far and the mistake fixed – good thing those standards come in pairs!

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Pony Wars or B Troop Ain’t Coming Back

Recently I felt I needed a break from painting so decided I’d play a game instead and thought its high time I got my Pony Wars figures out again. Its probably more than 25 years since I started collecting figures for this whilst a member of Cardiff wargames club. Added impetus or motivation also came from the knowledge that Baccus were about to release the original rule set printed in 1980

Where can you buy a rule set these days that costs GBP1.95!

Before I moved to NZ in 1999 I’d made the requisite hills needed for the game along with a fort, somehow I found room in the shipping container for them. They’re all a bit dated now and in need of a touch up and a future project will be to repaint these but to also produce a home made base cloth rather than use the mixture of an old sheet and old GW mat that I’m using now. Its worth doing I think as I will beable to use the base-cloth for the Crusade and El Cid period. This means that the terrain in the following pictures is not that good but will be improved upon.

The figures themselves all 15mm, are quite a mixture including some from Peter Laing, Peter Pig, Freikrps, Tabletop games, Irregular miniatures and Minifigs. Most could also do with a rebase.

Tee two tone base-cloth! that needs replacing
Mainly Irregular Miniatures figures here I think
I think these are Freikorps

The new version of the rules and cards (these arrived by post mid game ) are very well produced and are designed as a multi-player participation game where players take the side of US Troops and the appearance and actions of their Native American opponents are generated by cards and dice . In the republished edition the original text has not been changed and are unashamedly meant as a fun game, Hollywood style, bearing no resemblance to reality. As the foreword indicates the original text has not been changed is such that they might be best described as culturally insensitive.

I played the “Homestead game” where 20 Us Cavalry marched out from the fort with the intention of rounding up the various settlers and bringing them back to the safety of the fort. In addition an half troop and 1 Gatling gun appeared on the left hand side

Yes I know, 1 Gatling too many!

It wasn’t too long before the hostiles started arriving and by turn 3 one of the special cards indicating the “drums were beating” had been drawn meaning that a second card was drawn on each turn increasing the chance of more hostile forces appearing

Reaction test = head across the table looking for trouble!
Us troops draw a card that may result in an ambush like this when deciding to enter those potentially dangerous passes
Its not long before settlements are burning
and another
A wagon train arrives and will need escorting
Its looking a bit hairy in the right hand corner
The fortunate and timely arrival of an ammunition wagon, another cavalry troop & 12pdr within the space of 2 turns mean these civilians are likely to make it under escort to the fort
Looks like a few prayers are needed at the mission
No prayers were answered on this occasion though, but at least it looks as if the wagon train might make it now that the Cavalry’s arrived
A bit of nostalgia, don’t think I’ll be using these cards again!

Clearly I have a bit of work to do on the terrain and re-base many figures and there’s no doubt the old fort is a bit battered and needs a touch up but it has travelled half way around the world!

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Royalist ECW Army – off the wokbench

I suppose apart from helping to keep the country safe there aren’t too many enjoyable or positive things that one could say about level 4 and now level 3 lock-down here in New Zealand. It has meant a change in that I have been working though with the week split into two parts – working from home during the first half and then at my GP practice in the back half of the week. This means that I’ve been getting home earlier in the evening and this coupled with no golf I’ve had a little more painting time

So just off the workbench is another Royalist ECW unit

Lord Hopton’s Regiment of foot – figures from First Corps https://1stcorps.co.uk/ ECW range and flags by Flags of War https://www.flagsofwar.com/collections/ecw-royalist.

This takes the number of Foot Regiments painted to date to be 3 from Empress Miniatures, 3 from First Corps and one each from Bicorne Miniatures and one from Warlord Games.

You might notice that I’ve also used more conventional bases from warbases this time rather than those with the crinkle edge from the Big Red Bat shop this time as I’d run out. I also find myself wondering if I should be using more musketeers on those bases as they look a bit thin on the ground. Time to buy more figures I think!

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Baron Munchausen and his half a horse

Sometimes its good just to paint the odd figure for a bit of fun. This is just a quick post and a few pictures of an unusual 18th Century figure painted some years ago.

I suspect many of us have heard of the Baron Munchhausen but perhaps like me won’t have an in depth knowledge about him. I first heard the name whilst a medical student many years ago when a rather odd patient presented with a very bizarre and unbelievable story at an emergency department.

There is a medical syndrome known as “Munchausen’s syndrome” that arose from an article published in The Lancet in 1951 authored by an eminent physician by the name of Richard Asher. In the article I understand Asher coined the term to describe the presentation of patients’ bizarre and untruthful medical histories.

The Baron himself was a fictional German nobleman created by a German writer Rudolf Eric Raspe in a book titled Baron Munchausen’s Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia published in 1785 according to Wikipedia. I found this in an internet search https://www.gutenberg.org/files/3154/3154-h/3154-h.htm. Some of his adventures are further immortalised in a 1988 film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen produced by Terry Gillam.

One of the more fantastical of his stories is how he came to discover that his horse had been cut in half when a portcullis was lowered as he raced through whist in pursuit of his feeling enemy

Some years ago (whilst international travel was possible!) in visit to Eureka Miniatures, Nic Robson showed me a figure that he’d produced of this. I simply had to have one and he led my fictitious army of Silverfenia in Henry Hyde’s Imaginations play test of his Shot Steel & Stone rules at a gathering of wargame friends at Ayton. Henry wrote a series of articles about the campaign in Battlegames Magazine “The Grenouissian Intermezzo” starting with part 1 in Issue 26 of the magazine.

Nic contacted me recently and told me that he was about to release the figure for general sale and asked me to re-send him pictures of the figure I’d painted. By this time I’d acquired a second figure and he’s now visible in all his glory in the current Eureka Newsletter. The link for the webstore is here https://www.eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87_126_127&sort=3a

So here he is

The Baron realises the rear end of his horse is missing as the sound of water is heard gushing behind him

I do have the second figure in the series, “Baron Munchausen Repaired” languishing half painted in a box somewhere and I’ve just vowed to dig him out and finish him off.

While we’re on a roll I just as well post some pictures of the troops he led at Ayton – are are figures from Eureka Miniatures

Prinz Wooliam’s Southern Baaaabarian Regiment
Count Lomu’s Gelderstaad Emigre Regiment
The Arquebusiers de Grassin

And Finally….

Count MCaw’s Taniwha Cossacks
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Italian Wars Gendarmes

I find myself having yet another wander through my various unfinished projects despite having vowed to knuckle down and work my way through a pile of ECW figures. I then briefly considered trying to finally finish my SYW armies by tackling the remaining Austrian Grenadiers by sticking them all down and so using up my supply of bottle tops. Needless to say it failed though I have finished a few more ECW units but have subsequently neglected to finish the blog post I started about them. Still I suppose at least all this wandering about keeps me productive.

I’ve always regarded my Italian Wars project as a slow burn one but I suppose in reality its far more glacial than that. After recently finish some ECW infantry I almost persuaded myself to paint the Old Glory Landsknecht that are languishing in the lead pile and then next minute I found myself looking at the Wargames Foundry Gendarmes I’d acquired almost a decade ago. Finally I took the plunge and so with golf rained off today finished basing them

Wargames Foundry Gendarmes

I haven’t quite managed to work out the optimum lighting on those LED light I bought or got the hang of the camera on my new phone yet but here’s a closer look

I can’t say that I really enjoyed painting these but am pleased to have got them finished though.

What I was pleased most about is the way that they seem to match those from Eureka Miniatures that I’d painted a few years ago and so decided to line them all up.

Eureka in front, WF in the middle and Eureka “Archers” in the rear ranks

I think these look fine together with WF on the left of the picture below and Eureka on the right

I suppose its inevitable that I’ll end up getting a few more but next time I don’t think I’ll tackle painting 24 of them in a single block

Of them all I think I prefer the Eureka figures the most

These are a bit over exposed I think
The “archers” were much quicker to paint if I recall

Clearly I don’t have enough Gendarmes yet and will need to get out the credit card again but where do I start?

Early 16th Century Renaissance

What I really fancy though are these from Steel Fist Miniatures


And of course there’s always the Perry Miniatures Plastics though I’m not sure what might be best to use and what work they’ll need

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Follow me…….. or 28mm French Napoleonic Commanders

Just a quick update while I have the time as I’m currently away on holiday Blenheim. Don’t get too excited, this is in Blenheim in NZ’s South Island, so there’s no battlefield but there are lots of wineries.

Before I left I took some pictures of some French Napoleonic Command Figures I’d completed in February. All are in 28mm and most are by Perry Miniatures with a couple of Wargames Foundry thrown in. A part from the Davout figure by Foundry I’ve kept them on separate bases as there is quite a difference in size

First of all there’s the “Bravest of the brave”- the Marshall Ney command pack by Perry Miniatures

He’s definitely a bit ginger!

Now where are those British squares?

The Perry Miniatures Heavy Cavalry commanders, Kelerman, Heritier and Milhaud are also in attendance

These are a mixture of Perry Metal and Plastic Cuirassiers
Here’s Kellerman
Here’s Milhaud along with one of the figures in the Mounted Imperial Orderlies pack
and finally Heritier with another orderly and an ADC

Not to be outdone by their heavier counterparts, the light cavalry commanders want to get in on the action

These are a few plastic hussars accompanying Generals Fournier – Sarvolise and Pully from the FN235 Cavalry commander pack on this command base

Whereas the final figure from the pack General Pajol is on another command base

A spare Orderly is trying to keep ahead of the lancers accompanied by a pair of lone Chasseurs

neither could I resist buying the FN234 pack which consists of Marshal Lannes, GeneralLasalle and General Franchesci-Delonne

Lannes is based with an ADC and two figures from the Mounted ADC pack

The other 2 generals in the pack, including Lasalle are based together with another ADC

Whilst at the Partizan show a few years ago I called into Wargames Foundry and bought some more generals and a pack of Marshals. The Davout figure is the only one I’ve used in combination with a Perry Miniatures ADC and an Orderly

The remaining Marshalls from the Foundry FN262 pack, Soult, Bessieres and Massena were based with some other Generals that I picked up because they seemed a little smaller than those by Perry Miniatures

I thought it was the Massena figure but its actually the Soult model – he definitely seems to have a big head in this picture!

Well that’s it though having painted up this many command figures there is no doubt that I need more troops to lead them

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