Just off the Workbench

The past few weeks have been productive from a painting perspective, partly spurred on by a painting challenge on the LAW but more significantly by a few extra days off and rainy weekends that have kept me out of the garden. http://thelaofwargamers.prophpbb.com/topic1752.html

I set myself a modest target with a plan to finish off the rest of my 28mm Prussian SYW figures but I’m pleased to have exceeded it with a flurry of activity in Napoleonics.

I’ve ordered Dave Brown’s General D’Armee Rules which are due to be released in May at Partizan



I’ve been fortunate to play the development set which use much the same mechanisms as Dave ACW version of Pickett’s charge and are aimed at large battles and with this in mind I first of all finished a unit of 15mm AB French Line Lancers

I thought I might need a few more French Cavalry!

After this I decided to find a home for the Perry French Napoleonic Commanders I showed in the last post by completing some additional packs numbered 3,4,14,15,53 and 55 from the French Metal range https://www.perry-miniatures.com/index.php?cPath=23_28_54&page=4&osCsid=64sa93aokpt830qtta6qni4ij6

I really enjoyed painting these, particularly the dismounted hangers on pack

I finished them today but in my hurry to take photos outside before the light faded I’m afraid that I didn’t allow enough time for the glue holding the flock to dry and I also forgot to blow off the excess flock before snapping away!


I also managed to finish off the 2 limber riders that have been hanging around for an age so the Caisson that I painted and based 2 years ago now has some riders at last

Next on the painting table will be some Prussian SYW Command figures and then I’ll try and finish off most of my remaining 15mm Napoleonics with hopefully will include Marshall Ney and a few more French Marshals and some Russian Guard infantry battalions.

Once I’ve cleared a decent amount of backlog I might then allow myself to buy some 28mm Napoleonic Russians to oppose the French


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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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9 Responses to Just off the Workbench

  1. Purple the Greatish says:

    VB that is utterly brilliant and seeing all your bright consistent terrain has topped me right up in enthusiasm for the terrain boards I am undertaking.
    Regards the SYW if you ever need odd figures etc for your command stands drop me a message I have quite the spares box piling up.

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks Mr P. I have some SYW Command stands and civilians to do soon – putting the effort into terrain boards and matching them with your usuial basing is mesy but well worth it I think

  2. Chris Gregg says:

    A wonderful array, I don’t know how you find the time to work on so much. Impressive selection of staff groups but I particularly like the 15mm Lancers.

  3. Excellent output – quality and quantity wise – as usual valleyboyo.

    The 28mm French commanders have come out a treat. But now you will need to provide the troops for them to command as befits their rank! 😃

    The scoring is interesting for the challenge. A Napoleonic or SYW figure being of equal points value to a Dark Age archer seems a lack a little equity. But I guess you hold the moral high ground!

    von Peter himself

    • valleyboynz says:

      Cheers Peter, they have about 10 battalions of infantry, 2 cavalry regiments and a battery to command, what they really need is some Russian or Prussian opponents – by the way hope to see you soon as we’ll be in the big smoke for a day or two soon

  4. Carlo says:

    Hi Kerry,

    You have spoilt me so much with posts on the AMG Forum that I have neglected visiting the VB Epicentre here itself. I have so many reports to finish today and now I simply know I am going to be late with at least one of them whilst I catch up with your wonderful work in the hobby. Lovely!!

  5. S says:

    Brilliant painting and depicitions as always… congrats

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