The Austrian Experiment – painting white

I’ve just made a start on my Crusader Miniatures Austrian SYW infantry, but before getting right into it I thought I’d paint a few test figures.

My dilemma has been how to represent the white colour in the Austrian uniform. My 15mm Napoleonic Austrians are just painted in white, I completed them a few years ago so its likely to be an old GW white

This contrasts with the colours of this Austrian Grenadier and Cuirassier that I took in the Vienna Military Museum

So for the moment I’ve decided to paint my SYW Austrians as more than an off white.

The next problem to overcome is the fact that normally when I paint I undercoat beforehand in black enamel and then after finishing the basic colours I use a black wash before applying final highlights. I find the black wash adds depth to a figure but of course means that I often almost have to re paint the lighter colours on a figure.

Hence I took a decision to undercoat the figures in white and then painted everything except for the white crossbelts and uniforms. As this is IR 1 with red facings I also varied the red using Vallejo flat red, VJ Red and a mix of VJ Red and VJ Hull Red but found the former too light and the latter too dark.

I decided to experiment with a range of “white” uniform colours after completing all the basic colours except for the white parts. The cross belts in the following photos are all painted with VJ off white

From left to right we have VJ Ivory, VJ Iraqi sand and pale sand highlight, VJ Iraqi sand and VJ off white highlight

Next VJ Buff with pale sand highlight, VJ Buff and VJ Off white highlight and finally on the right VJ Beige with an off white highlight

Top row ivory then Iraqui sand base followed by buff and beige

To be honest I’m not sure that there’s a huge difference in the figures with the exception of the ivory and worth the effort and angst!




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2 Responses to The Austrian Experiment – painting white

  1. Aly Morrison says:

    Hi Kerry…
    You could always go for all of your test colours… slightly different shades from battalion to battalion with the officers in a ‘pure’ white might look rather nice.
    All the best. Aly

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks Ally – I think that’s a great idea and to be honest apart from the Ivory painted one they are very similar so I might just have the variations within each battalion

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