The Priest of St Oswald and the Pious

Having such a nice long holiday break has been good for the leadpile. Its too hot here to do much in the garden and I’ve pulled a hamstring so can’t play golf at the moment. Provided I keep adding plenty of water and stirring, the Vallejo’s not getting too lumpy

As a consequence I’ve managed to complete my second entry for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge – I’m trying to produce 12 units all with a connection to the letter P. This time P is for Pious

So I thought I’d start by showing something sort of Pieus

This was made by Nicki some time ago – I’d add that the glaze is not by Vallejo!

My actual Pious unit is much less mouthwatering I’m afraid.

The Priest of St Oswald leads the way ahead of the Bishop of York on ye Medieval road trip

These are figures from Footsore Miniatures Barons War range, sculpted by the incredibly talented Paul Hicks. They are actually from the BW3 kick-starter that were delivered a few months ago.

Unfortunately I missed the first two kickstarters and have been quietly buying packs with no particular Lord’s retinue in mind but rather by the Oh look shiny method since. The cloaked figures are from the Templar pack (unfortunately there’s only 1 pack at the moment) and the other models being “The priest of St Oswald” and the “Bishop of York”

Even with their backs turned with this amount of protection I don’t think anyone’s going to bash the Bishop! (snigger)

There are some other models in the range that I think would have been a nice addition to the unit but I’d already started painting the Stephen Langton figure but to date have not bought the Aymeric de St Maur (Templar Master) figure or the Milities Christi Monks packs. I think such a future purchase along with painting a few foot sergeants, spearmen and a few missile troops in Templar livery and supplementing them with some peasant levy will really flesh out this force into a coherent retinue to use in the game.

I’m not sure why I have 2 Oswald foot figures but painting brown made such a nice change to painting white

Next in line for Project P are some Normal Cavalry again from Footsore

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6 Responses to The Priest of St Oswald and the Pious

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Nice work there.



  2. Carlo says:

    Very nice Kerry and I’m especially impressed by that strawberry flan!

  3. valleyboynz says:

    Cheers Carlo – Nicki’s an excellent cook with an excellent reputation amongst friends and colleagues for producing desserts

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