First unit of 2017 – French Light Infantry

The first new unit of 2017 has been completed at last. I started just after the New Year and made excellent initial progress only to find my painting time curtailed by work commitments in recent weeks. I’ve managed the odd hour this week to finish off the highlights and finally got some time to base the unit this morning

So here we are- metal 28mm Perry French Light Infantry that have been waiting for an uniform for at least 2 years.


I now have 18 line figures (a command base and the elite companies ) to finish on a Perry Line unit and I think that will give my French army a strength of 10 infantry battalions along with a foot battery and a regiment of line lancers and line chasseurs.

I plan on adding a few more Duchy of Warsaw battalions to swell the ranks of the Polish allies and I think it will then be time to acquire opponents which I think will probably be Russians

I suppose its a bit daft collecting Napoleonics in 3 sizes, 6mm, 15mm and 28mm but the advent of plastic figures has really made the 28mm collection affordable.  Though I regard my 15mm figures (now in excess of 10,000 figures) the mainstay of my collection and the size that I will be most likely to use for games,In recent years I’ve really enjoyed painting the 28s

I’ve added a few photos of my 28mm painted stuff below


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Out with the old and in with the new

Its day two of 2017 here in NZ. Happy new year to one and all

I thought I’d start off with pictures of a new unit though

I’m not sure if these should be counted as the first completed figures of 2017 or the last ones of 2016 as I’ve only just finished the basing today though did the bulk of the paintwork on them just before Christmas and finished the painting in the new year
The 2nd Polish Uhlans from Murawski Miniatures

I’ve had these figures for about 2 years and finally got around to painting them.

On the workbench at the moment are some Perry French Napoleonic light infantry and some command figures from the same army. Next in line will be a command stand and the elite companies of a line infantry battalion that should then take me up to 10 completed French battalions of 36 figures each though 2 of these are in revolutionary uniforms. Sometime late next year I hope to add a few more than start on some Russian opponents.

I suppose it’s somewhat traditional to look back on the previous year which has been a fairly productive one painting wise as I finished off quite a bit of the lead pile though I know that its grown massively with the arrival of some SYW Austrians at Christmas. I shall have to get painting.

I’ve decided to look back over the years in the next few days and weeks rather than confine myself to just 2016 and to this end I’ll post some pictures of various collections

Firstly some 15mm Napoleonics in no particular order


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Odds and Ends

During my period of recuperation I’d planned an unrealistic schedule where I would  complete my SYW cavalry and then quickly knock off 2 battalions of Prussian Grenadiers and 2 of Fusiliers along with the waiting 24 artillerymen. Then follow this with a 36 man battalion of Perry Napoleonic light infantry and then finish off a half completed line unit. Oh and before I forget there is the Baccus 6mm Russian Napoleonic army that I’d thought I’d make a start on! Did I mention the Murawski Miniatures 24 Polish lancers – no? – oh well just as well but at least the horses are finished!

Fat chance on completing that lot – I found it uncomfortable to sit for too long at a time but in the main got quite distracted into side bits. Just as well – god knows how I came to expect to complete that schedule – I’ll blame the hefty analgesia…

So just what have I been up to?…

Well actually quite a bit, and I got 2 15mm Napoleonic games in…



During one of these games it became pretty obvious that with the new terrain boards now based on sand figures didn’t slide as easily as they did when just unadulterated TSS tiles.


This got me started on making movement trays.





I bought some card, then when it was apparent that my bases were not exactly standard in size with scale creep over the years, I made templates for individual units.

I then glued some balsa to enclose them, covered them in sand and later painted and flocked them to match the baseboard

At the same time somebody had started a re-basing thread on a forum and I decided I would re-base some of my older 15mm figures. Just after starting I thought that a few not only required re basing but a considerable repaint whilst I made a decision to strip around 30 Minifigs cavalry. I started by giving them a bit of  wash and tiny touch up as on the left here but found this wasn’t enough and this is eventually how they finished up


A lot of work but probably well worth it in the end..

Not content with that I’ve been doing some experimenting with a static grass applicator I bought on ebay and made a few fields


Is that enough?

No – next I decided to reorganise the way I store the bulk of my 15mm Napoleonic collection. I stated on the Austrians by making some storage boxes from 6mm MDF.

This is when I discovered that my carpentry is not what it ought to be, so for te remainder I’ve reverted back to plastic boxes (the other factor was actually how much time it took to make a box and how much they weigh!)

That’s about it I think..

Now I’m back to painting again, some Perry 28mm french Corps commanders – reille, D’Erlon and Lobau…


and tonight, before I had too much wine and started spouting off here I made a start on those Prussian Fuiliers


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Vienna Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) Part 3

Probably about time too because I know a few mates have been waiting to see some of the Thirty Years War exhibits!

I started writing this post the day after I came home from hospital after a bit  of a “figure conversion” myself in the shape of a spinal fusion. I’m now into my fifth week post op and feeling very well. Prior to the op I’d been busy trying to finish last minute jobs around home and garden.  The original draft read “Now with the prospect of 6 weeks off work I hope to manage to post a little more often, starting perhaps with rundown of what I’ve finished painting recently (VBCW types)and what I intend to make start on next (SYW  Prussian cavalry). While my last post detailing the Prussian SYW army so far does confirm I’ve not been too inactive I can see that I’m way short of my goals. But that’s another story and hopefully the subject of the next post.

One of the problems about posting a third part to the Vienna Museum visit is the time delay involved, we were there in April so perhaps its no great surprise I have forgotten a great deal about what I saw! I do however recall being hugely impressed by the scale of what was being shown. Here a re a few pictures

Pretty ornate or pretty and ornate even!. Now for something more basic

The original smiley face is on the left

I can’t see this one smiling though – ouch……..

Presumably a selection of Ottoman weapons and paraphenalia

The ceiling was adorned by some superb shields



I think the most moving item though was this painting of the”Battery of the dead” depicting the annihilation of an Austrian horse battery at the battle of Konnigratz

And finally the vehicle in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated leading to the start of the Great War

A museum well and truly worth visiting

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Seven Years War Prussians

Yes I know I should be posting part 3 of the Vienna Museum visit showing the 30 years war exhibits- I haven’t forgotten, I’m just lazy!

The past few months has seen some effort going into painting SYW Prussians
Prussian Musketeer regiments IR 1,2,5.7,10 &13 all by Crusader Miniatures
2 Regiments of Fusiliers will be next to the workbench and then 2 grenadiers to be followed by 6 guns and crew

Prussian Hussars Von Zieten and Von Seydlitz again by crusader and von Malachowski by Front Rank
Hopefully the Cuirassiers are in the Christmas post along with the Christmas present of an Austrian army


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Vienna Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) Part 2

Apologies Part 2 has been a long time coming and I hope I can recall enough of the detail


Not only were there superb wall paintings depicting battles in the Napoleonic era but there was as I’d hoped a lot of 18th century paintings and exhibits including this depiction of an encounter with what I presume are Turks or Ottomans




The museum webpage itself has a virtual tour here

These murals are a lovely introduction to the 18th Century room.There were so many superb exhibits its very difficult to know  what to show here


The following 2 pictures are linked with the first illustrating what is on display in the second

The metal work on these caps is extraordinary

In the third and final part I’ll put together a few photographs of what drew my eye in the Thirty Years war exhibit and some of the more modern rooms

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Vienna Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) Part I

The same Danube Cruise mentioned in my last post ended with a 3 day stay in Vienna. On one of these days I visited Vienna’s Military Museum

I must say that this surpassed my expectations and is well worth a visit. The part of the museum whose exhibits were dedicated to the Napoleonic and 18th Century is what attracted me most but there is also a superb 30 yrs war section as well. Purchasing a photography licence was all of 2 euros I think and allowed me to photograph freely. The building itself is palatial with wonderful paintings adorning walls and ceilings as is so often the case in Vienna. It really was a lovely day out, within walking distance of our hotel and  I spent around 5 hrs there if I recall correctly. I took around 230 photographs and thought it would be of interest if I posted some here.

For this blog post,  I’ll confine myself to posting  photos of what I found of interest in the Napoleonic Period rooms only and hopefully with publish additional post of what mightbe of interest ion the other period rooms.

One thing I was struck by is the contrast between the white of an Austrian coat and the white of the cross belts.

Most of us who paint uniforms in white do not replicate this effect on our figures and neither generally would artists it would seem from this picture

The following pictures show some Austrian infantry and cavalry uniforms along with some equipment, standards and captured French eagles




This last infantry flag puzzled me as its labelled as the 1st Battalion of a 4th French infantry Brigade and the eagle shown in the above picture belonged to a regiment of French dragoons from 1804

When I have a little more time I’ll try and post pictures from the other rooms

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