Follow me…….. or 28mm French Napoleonic Commanders

Just a quick update while I have the time as I’m currently away on holiday Blenheim. Don’t get too excited, this is in Blenheim in NZ’s South Island, so there’s no battlefield but there are lots of wineries.

Before I left I took some pictures of some French Napoleonic Command Figures I’d completed in February. All are in 28mm and most are by Perry Miniatures with a couple of Wargames Foundry thrown in. A part from the Davout figure by Foundry I’ve kept them on separate bases as there is quite a difference in size

First of all there’s the “Bravest of the brave”- the Marshall Ney command pack by Perry Miniatures

He’s definitely a bit ginger!

Now where are those British squares?

The Perry Miniatures Heavy Cavalry commanders, Kelerman, Heritier and Milhaud are also in attendance

These are a mixture of Perry Metal and Plastic Cuirassiers
Here’s Kellerman
Here’s Milhaud along with one of the figures in the Mounted Imperial Orderlies pack
and finally Heritier with another orderly and an ADC

Not to be outdone by their heavier counterparts, the light cavalry commanders want to get in on the action

These are a few plastic hussars accompanying Generals Fournier – Sarvolise and Pully from the FN235 Cavalry commander pack on this command base

Whereas the final figure from the pack General Pajol is on another command base

A spare Orderly is trying to keep ahead of the lancers accompanied by a pair of lone Chasseurs

neither could I resist buying the FN234 pack which consists of Marshal Lannes, GeneralLasalle and General Franchesci-Delonne

Lannes is based with an ADC and two figures from the Mounted ADC pack

The other 2 generals in the pack, including Lasalle are based together with another ADC

Whilst at the Partizan show a few years ago I called into Wargames Foundry and bought some more generals and a pack of Marshals. The Davout figure is the only one I’ve used in combination with a Perry Miniatures ADC and an Orderly

The remaining Marshalls from the Foundry FN262 pack, Soult, Bessieres and Massena were based with some other Generals that I picked up because they seemed a little smaller than those by Perry Miniatures

I thought it was the Massena figure but its actually the Soult model – he definitely seems to have a big head in this picture!

Well that’s it though having painted up this many command figures there is no doubt that I need more troops to lead them

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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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13 Responses to Follow me…….. or 28mm French Napoleonic Commanders

  1. Those are some very well painted generals. Usually I find that to be the real fun part when painting whole armies. Great contrasts and vibrant colours. I think they really read well from afar, but look good close-up, too.

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thank you – I just kept on adding to them after the Perrys produced the Lannes pack and light cavalry generals. I have 24 Hussars left to pain but I need to buy some dragoons sometime

  2. Chris Gregg says:

    An absolutely wonderful looking post Kerry. A terrific spectrum of famous French names. Ney and the Cuirassiers reminds me of when we refought La Haye Sainte at 1:3 scale here in The Cotswolds in 2015. Thank you.

  3. Russell Briant says:

    Wow! Wonderful.

    Such output.

    Such quality.

    Well done and thanks Kerry.


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Mark Ottley says:

    Fantastic figures Kerry! Composition and painting all superb! 🙂
    I might also have to get that Davout figure if Perry or someone doesn’t release a new one soon.

    • valleyboynz says:

      Cheers Mark – its a lovely figure and not quite as out of scale compared to Perry Miniatures I think as are the others in the Foundry Marshalls pack. The problem is that I only have around 10 French battalions so don’t really have enough to justify his presence!

  5. Carlo Pagano says:

    Beautiful paint jobs on all of these Kerry. What a beautiful collection you have in all scales mate.

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks as ever Carlo, I do actually have some Napoleonics in 6mm as well but I haven’t decided how they might look best and haven’t enjoyed painting the ones that I have done. Talking of dual scale there ares some lovely 15mm ECW figures out now by Eureka and Steel Fist!

  6. Hello valleyboyo

    D’oh! How many times have we done this? I will be in Blenheim for a work conference next week. And a couple for weeks later the good Fraulien herself and mineself will be roaming around the top of the South Island including Blenheim. Missed you by that much … again. You are such a lucky man!!! 🤣

    Your French commanders and assorted hangers on are of course wonderful. The term “wargaming porn” comes to mind. Now to provide them all with troops to command as befitting their statuses.

    von Peter himself

  7. valleyboynz says:

    Cheers Peter – if you’re in Blenheim then 2 wineries that I would highly recommend for lunch are Wither Hills and Saint Claire. You must of course use the time to see the Omaka air museum as well

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