15mm Napoleonics to start the New year – ABC or is it ADC?

Bit of a late start to 2018 I know

Yes it’s already February and there’s not been a blog post yet. I do have an excuse though…….

Please Sir but I’ve been busy, busy painting you see – yes 15mm Napoleonics.

It all started in the New Year when I have a bit of time off, I decided to tackle what was waiting in the 15mm Napoleonic lead pile. I felt I needed a break after completing 4 battalions of 28mm SYW Austrians

I started by painting all the horse flesh first, all 131 of them! Then onto the riders in units of 24 or 12. First out of the stalls came the AB Prussian Dragoons, followed by the Silesian and East Prussian Cuirassiers. I found the inspiration from Paul Alba’s blog http://napoleonicsinminiature.blogspot.co.nz/

Not only is his painting sublime but his photography is so clear. A real inspiration for 15mm Napoleonic fans. I wish I could manage such good photos

Next in line were some old Minifig French Cavalry that I first painted in 1983 but was so ashamed of that I dipped them in paint stripper a year or so ago and have only now got around to repainting

These were followed by the AB Prince of Orange Staff set and I happened to find some sample figs that Nic had sent me some time ago – Dutch Belgian Cuirassiers – a trooper and an officer – I found some spare AB horses and have morphed them into a command stand for my Minifig Dutch Belgians

An old figure of Davout has been sitting on a base somewhat forlorn for a bit so I added a 2 figures – a mounted officer and a chasseur to keep him company. Lets be honest his glasses look pretty awful and probably need a repaint!

Whilst rummaging around in the spares box I found some AB Guard drummers and a Guard Horse Grenadier standard bearer that I bought intending to try and create a band with mounted kettle drummers years ago whilst visiting Eureka in Melbourne.

Deciding after all that time that it isn’t really going to happen I gave them a lick of paint and added an ADC from the new AB French ADC pack http://abfigures.com/command/1432-mounted-adcs-in-action.html

Here’s the result, I just need a standard now to finish the base off – Napoleon having sent off an ADC to get the drummers to knock up a tune to send the troops forward


These ADC figures are superb and I left these until last. I doubt that I have ever enjoyed painting a set of figures as much as I enjoyed painting these. Tony Barton is a genius!

Here they are as best as I can show them off with photos taken out in the sunshine before basing rather than in the wargames room

I added 2 to accompany an old and lonely figure of General Lasalle and another to accompany a spare French Line Lancer figure and the remaining 4 in  two pairs

They probably look better when leading scurrying around and leading troops forward though! The last picture illustrates some of my older AB French Command by the way

I hope anyone painting these gets as much enjoyment from them as I did

Hopefully the next blog post is not too far away – a Waterloo like ridge



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12 Responses to 15mm Napoleonics to start the New year – ABC or is it ADC?

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    A lovely looking job on some beautiful figures

  2. Kevin East says:

    Love all these sculpts. They have good proportion and joie de vivre. Look great all together on the gaming table. I particularly like the command vignettes you have put together. Super stuff! 🙂

  3. Wonderful works of art valleyboyo. You’ve not lost your touch.

    The Davout figure and his glasses very much makes me think of a cool dude happy hippy Davout. Cool man! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  4. Carlo says:

    These are wonderful Kerry and I may well have missed them as for some reason you have fallen off my Favourite Blogs list and my luddite technical skills had missed it all. Isn’t it great when you find some figures where the paint literally falls off your brush onto the metal and you just enjoy every single stroke…um…lick of …paint on the figure…you know what I mean!! Obviously that is what you achieved with the work on the AB adc’s. Wonderful to see some lovely old Minifigs come out as well and get a new life. They were my go-to range when I was really, really enjoying EMPIRE III in the old days.

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