Off the workbench – The Austrian Experiment 2

Finally after a busy time at work I’ve managed to complete 2 Austrian infantry battalions

Both are by Crusader Miniatures and as discussed in an earlier post were undercoated white rather than my usual black. The second unit with the blue facings were completed in a different way to that described in the Austrian Experiment 1.

This time I block painted in the same usual colours for the faces , facings and equipment etc but before washing with dark done I painted the coats and leggings in Vallejo Buff colour and then highlighted with buff and pale sand after the wash

I hadn’t realised but there is quite a difference between the coat colours of the first unit Regiment IR1 (red facings) and the second (blue facings) IR7.


I’m still not sure what to do so I’ll probably end up with a dozen or so Austrian infantry battalions each in a different shade of white!

A further dilemma was whether to paint the 1757 uniform version or the 1762 version – the latter has more of the facing colour present on the turnbacks and waistcoat.

The kronoskaf links highlight this : –

On reflection I think I prefer the latter and I think I’ll paint the next unit off the workbenchline in the 1762 uniform so that will mean even more variation.

I think it is likely to be more attractive but the other honest reason is that I can’t really say that I’m enjoying painting all this white.

A third unit has been started, whilst the cavalry has now been de -flashed and along with some Prussian AB 15mm Napoleonic cavalry are awaiting undercoating


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3 Responses to Off the workbench – The Austrian Experiment 2

  1. Carlo says:

    These are very well done Kerry and you have done such an outstanding job on them. Beautiful.

  2. Chris Gregg says:

    Very good Kerry. Keep at it mate – the whole army of white coats will look super.

  3. valleyboynz says:

    Thank you both for your encouragement, the next unit off the bench will have the 1762 uniform variant I think

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