First unit of 2017 – French Light Infantry

The first new unit of 2017 has been completed at last. I started just after the New Year and made excellent initial progress only to find my painting time curtailed by work commitments in recent weeks. I’ve managed the odd hour this week to finish off the highlights and finally got some time to base the unit this morning

So here we are- metal 28mm Perry French Light Infantry that have been waiting for an uniform for at least 2 years.


I now have 18 line figures (a command base and the elite companies ) to finish on a Perry Line unit and I think that will give my French army a strength of 10 infantry battalions along with a foot battery and a regiment of line lancers and line chasseurs.

I plan on adding a few more Duchy of Warsaw battalions to swell the ranks of the Polish allies and I think it will then be time to acquire opponents which I think will probably be Russians

I suppose its a bit daft collecting Napoleonics in 3 sizes, 6mm, 15mm and 28mm but the advent of plastic figures has really made the 28mm collection affordable.  Though I regard my 15mm figures (now in excess of 10,000 figures) the mainstay of my collection and the size that I will be most likely to use for games,In recent years I’ve really enjoyed painting the 28s

I’ve added a few photos of my 28mm painted stuff below



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8 Responses to First unit of 2017 – French Light Infantry

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    And all very nice they look too. The camp scene and washer women are very effective.

  2. Purparama says:

    Really sexy! You put together such excellent ‘scenes’ in your basing. Even the line regiment has fantastic movement.
    Inspirational VB

  3. S says:

    Very impressive. Details, figures and stunning painting and scenery techniques. As someone who began in the 1970″s with airfix figures and stayed with that medium and scale I’m pleased to have large wargame armies but often lament the fact that owing to so much choice of scale there are few opponent’s to fight. Cheers Michael .

  4. More wonderfulness Valleyboyo. Your photography is not bad either.

    Have you seen some of the 10mm Napoleonics out there. Lovely figures! 😇

    von Peter himself

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks VP, my recent photos are not great, I still can’t find my cam,era after the last trip to Europe along with a poster of Napoleon by David that I bought in a Vienna museum. Still its my birthday next month

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