Out with the old and in with the new

Its day two of 2017 here in NZ. Happy new year to one and all

I thought I’d start off with pictures of a new unit though

I’m not sure if these should be counted as the first completed figures of 2017 or the last ones of 2016 as I’ve only just finished the basing today though did the bulk of the paintwork on them just before Christmas and finished the painting in the new year
The 2nd Polish Uhlans from Murawski Miniatures

I’ve had these figures for about 2 years and finally got around to painting them.

On the workbench at the moment are some Perry French Napoleonic light infantry and some command figures from the same army. Next in line will be a command stand and the elite companies of a line infantry battalion that should then take me up to 10 completed French battalions of 36 figures each though 2 of these are in revolutionary uniforms. Sometime late next year I hope to add a few more than start on some Russian opponents.

I suppose it’s somewhat traditional to look back on the previous year which has been a fairly productive one painting wise as I finished off quite a bit of the lead pile though I know that its grown massively with the arrival of some SYW Austrians at Christmas. I shall have to get painting.

I’ve decided to look back over the years in the next few days and weeks rather than confine myself to just 2016 and to this end I’ll post some pictures of various collections

Firstly some 15mm Napoleonics in no particular order



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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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16 Responses to Out with the old and in with the new

  1. Welcome to the new year Valleyboyo. Great to catch you here.

    I think that the Polish Uhlans are good enough to count in both 2016 and 2017 counts. Happy New Year. 😃

    von Peter himself

    • valleyboynz says:

      Cheers your Enemanence, as ever your encouragement is always heartening and I’m really looking forward to hosting you for a game in 2017

      • And I’m salivating at the thought of being hosted for a game in 2017! The question is when. We’re awaiting the timings on the alignment of a few planets before we can start to plan out the year and suggest some timings.

        As the wise men say … be very careful on what one hopes for! 😃

        von Peter himself

      • valleyboynz says:

        We need to talk about this on the phone next time we chat

  2. Brilliant work. That table is huge. Fantastic terrain, models and pair work.

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks you for your kind comments – its actually only an 8×5 foot as it stands but can be adjusted to a 12 x6.
      The problem is I think the caters aren’t big enough so I’ll have to empty the drawers of everything to get it to move to that size!

  3. Chasseur says:

    Glorius! Brilliant work on the new Uhlans.
    Is the causeway in the game photos representing any particular place?

  4. Russell Briant says:

    Lovely Poles. Inspirational.

    Been eying up the Front Rank Imperial Guard version. Considering doing them without lances for Wagram (weren’t issued till later that year). But perhaps that is too obsessive.

    Should finish the Empress Dragoons and Chassers a Cheval first.

  5. Chris Gregg says:

    Beautiful terrain and figures, thanks for showing them. I particularly like the causeway/bridge over that superb shallow, stony river

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks Chris – I love that bridge too – I’m sure I bought it in the late 80s- it was made my a company called “The Drum”, now OOP. If you look at the supports they don’t quite reach to river level, making them do this by means of adding miliput supports has been on the to do list for at least 15 years!

  6. Giles says:

    Terrific photos, Kerry, of your fantastic collection. The Polish cavalry are pretty mega too.

  7. Giles Allison says:

    It’s always a real treat to see your Naps, Kerry – great stuff.

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