Odds and Ends

During my period of recuperation I’d planned an unrealistic schedule where I would  complete my SYW cavalry and then quickly knock off 2 battalions of Prussian Grenadiers and 2 of Fusiliers along with the waiting 24 artillerymen. Then follow this with a 36 man battalion of Perry Napoleonic light infantry and then finish off a half completed line unit. Oh and before I forget there is the Baccus 6mm Russian Napoleonic army that I’d thought I’d make a start on! Did I mention the Murawski Miniatures 24 Polish lancers – no? – oh well just as well but at least the horses are finished!

Fat chance on completing that lot – I found it uncomfortable to sit for too long at a time but in the main got quite distracted into side bits. Just as well – god knows how I came to expect to complete that schedule – I’ll blame the hefty analgesia…

So just what have I been up to?…

Well actually quite a bit, and I got 2 15mm Napoleonic games in…



During one of these games it became pretty obvious that with the new terrain boards now based on sand figures didn’t slide as easily as they did when just unadulterated TSS tiles.


This got me started on making movement trays.





I bought some card, then when it was apparent that my bases were not exactly standard in size with scale creep over the years, I made templates for individual units.

I then glued some balsa to enclose them, covered them in sand and later painted and flocked them to match the baseboard

At the same time somebody had started a re-basing thread on a forum and I decided I would re-base some of my older 15mm figures. Just after starting I thought that a few not only required re basing but a considerable repaint whilst I made a decision to strip around 30 Minifigs cavalry. I started by giving them a bit of  wash and tiny touch up as on the left here but found this wasn’t enough and this is eventually how they finished up


A lot of work but probably well worth it in the end..

Not content with that I’ve been doing some experimenting with a static grass applicator I bought on ebay and made a few fields


Is that enough?

No – next I decided to reorganise the way I store the bulk of my 15mm Napoleonic collection. I stated on the Austrians by making some storage boxes from 6mm MDF.

This is when I discovered that my carpentry is not what it ought to be, so for te remainder I’ve reverted back to plastic boxes (the other factor was actually how much time it took to make a box and how much they weigh!)

That’s about it I think..

Now I’m back to painting again, some Perry 28mm french Corps commanders – reille, D’Erlon and Lobau…


and tonight, before I had too much wine and started spouting off here I made a start on those Prussian Fuiliers



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3 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    What an impressive amount of stuff to achieve while you are off work, but take care lifting those heavy boxes :-). In particular I love the lancer regiment and the grassy fields, what wonderful looking terrain. That rebasing is very smart and practical. It reminds me when I was doing 15mm Naps it seemed imperative to sub-base the units so I made lost of metal trays from tin lids and magnetic strip bases for the figures. You could then choose the correct size and shape base for your formation. Keep up the good work and thanks for showing off your great collection, it’s inspiring.

  2. Mighty productive for a gentleman in his recuperation. Count me impressed! The heavens only know what you’ll be doing as a fit young man!! 😎

    von Peter himself

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