Seven Years War Prussians

Yes I know I should be posting part 3 of the Vienna Museum visit showing the 30 years war exhibits- I haven’t forgotten, I’m just lazy!

The past few months has seen some effort going into painting SYW Prussians
Prussian Musketeer regiments IR 1,2,5.7,10 &13 all by Crusader Miniatures
2 Regiments of Fusiliers will be next to the workbench and then 2 grenadiers to be followed by 6 guns and crew

Prussian Hussars Von Zieten and Von Seydlitz again by crusader and von Malachowski by Front Rank
Hopefully the Cuirassiers are in the Christmas post along with the Christmas present of an Austrian army


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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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8 Responses to Seven Years War Prussians

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    All looking very nice indeed. Your baseboard, in particular, sets the figures off beautifully and stands up well to the close up lens, not often achieved with a wargames set up.

  2. Paul Provan says:

    Beautiful troops and terrain!

  3. Wonderful figures for a wonderful period valleyboyo. And Prussians too. What could go wrong?! 😇

    von Peter himself, only a little bit biased

  4. Purparama says:

    Stunning. Even better in these big pictures.
    How did you achieve the straw trewsers?

    • valleyboynz says:

      Hi Purple
      by straw do you men the deeper yellow?, if so was a black undercoat, basecoat of VJ flat yellow/desert yellow mix, black wash and then a highlight or two of the same with VJ game colour scorfulous brown added. For less intense yellows same basecoat but add VJ light yellow and pale sand to the mix. The other trousers I think were buff basecot with pale sand added. Don’t forget to dilute the black wash or its effectively a repaint!

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