Painting & Flocking Sand


I thought I’d added an update showing the next step but clearly I forgot! I moved onto the next step a while ago and finished everything off today

A few weeks ago I started the painting process, first of all giving the boards a covering of a cheap brown earth acrylic paint that I bought from Bunnings. once this had dried I gave it a drybrush with something close to VJ Iraqui sand – again I bought a few test pots at Bunnings again and mixed them until I had a colour I liked and then set them out in the sun to dry

I added a small amout of VJ Pale sand to this and gave them a final dry brush

Next came the flocking stage and again I used a mixture of Woodland Scenics grasses and blended these to a suitable mix. Quite a bit of diluted PVA was needed again but this was applied in patches this time and then the excess flock was knocked off for later use again and the boards placed on the drive to dry. I found it most effective to use a brush to apply this rather than a spray bottle because this kept clogging.

I’m fairly pleased with the overall effect but may yet tweak the bare earth patches a little more in the future. I decided not to dry brush the flock

A few weeks has passed by since I completed this but in the past few days I decided I’d finish the river beds. These were painted in the same way as the base boards, though I gave the bed a little more rigorous  dry brushing with a light colour. By now it was time to apply the Woodland Scenics realistic water.

I sealed the board edges of the river bed  with blue tack and was about to pour but decided to read the instructions – it was just as well because it told me that bubbling can occur with polystyrene. Fearful of a mishap I abandoned the idea but sealed the river bed with acrylic varnish and allowed this to dry. I had a moment of panic here when it initially appeared white but that settled once it dried thank goodness

After that it was a simple matter of colouring the “water” as the pictures show and pouring the realistic water and pushing it around with a brush. The blue tack seal worked, I poured 3 layers of “water” over successive days to build up a depth. I then removed the blue tack this morning and trimmed any excess water with a Stanley knife. The picture below shows the result of 1 coat only.

The end results is they look much nicer than the original blue painted polystyrene and I’ll probably add a few reeds or grass tufts over the next few days

That’ll have to wait until I’ve resolved this set up though!



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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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9 Responses to Painting & Flocking Sand

  1. Very industrious and productive of you valleyboyo. My favourite tipples for basing paints are also from a real size, 1:1 scale paint supplier – Resene. It’s like their test pots were made specifically for us.

    And your report of waterway success comes with the bonus of some more teasing images of your gaming nirvana / room … and a game in / about to be in progress. Most picturesque.

    As they say – leave them wanting more. And so you have! 😎

    von Peter himself

  2. Giles Allison says:

    Amazing set-up, Kerry; and a delight to see your top-notch 15mm Napoleonics on the table. It can’t be much longer before your wargames room is added to the official list of sights to see in Tauranga…

    Best wishes


  3. Chris Gregg says:

    It all looks absolutely brilliant, you must feel very proud of such an achievement and thanks for showing the game in progress too; makes one want to be there to enjoy it with you!

  4. Russell says:

    Fantastic. Particularly the river water effect.

  5. This is fantastic!!! Great work.

  6. Carlo says:

    Brilliant Kerry – fantastic looking table and terrain.

  7. valleyboynz says:

    Thanks Carlo – I have 1 board left to do and am also planning a long table length ridge – sort of Waterloo like
    I just have to decide on how wide to make it

  8. Chris Gregg says:

    Just having a look at this again and marvelling at your artistic landscape flair. I must get some of teh realistic water and try it as I love the effect you have of shallow stream through small rocks. Good luck with the long ridge.
    Chris G

  9. valleyboynz says:

    Hi Chris
    I just added a bit more grit to the mix than for the board bases and dry brushed when dry. Sealed the board ends with Blutac, and poured though with a little vallejo wash mixed in I think

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