The Games Room

A dedicated wargames room has been a longstanding wish and when we first of all planned, then built and finally in February moved into our new home it became a reality.

Well I suppose it became a sort of “almost reality” until recently. Inevitably there has been a long wait because funds were allocated for less “essential” items such as curtains and furniture and these took precedence over the gaming stuff

The purpose built gaming table is not far away from completion and some storage cupboards were delivered last week. A few weeks ago I also took delivery of 2 glass cabinets from showcases direct in Auckland (

It took quite a bit of time to fill them, it was great getting the opportunity to finally get my figures out of the storage boxes. I’m not sure that I’ve got it right by any means, I’ve filled the shelves with mainly 28mm figures but had to find some space for some British and French 15mm Napoleonic figures

Wargames Room 015

here’s a selection from the now filled shelves

Wargames Room 001

The top shelf is a miscellaneous one of odds and endsWargames Room 002

I think the colourful Italian wars shelves are probably my favouritesWargames Room 003 Wargames Room 004

Having said that the Arabs are pretty colourful as wellWargames Room 007 Wargames Room 008

by contrast the Christians are positively drabWargames Room 013

Hmm.. colour seems to be the order of the day – Dark agesWargames Room 015

28mm Duchy of Warsaw by Murawski MiniaturesWargames Room 021

A selection of my 15mm Napoleonic French with the Old and Young Guard smiling for the cameraWargames Room 025

And of course ta man with hat and brolly – 1 of the 3 General Picton figures in my collection!

Wargames Room 029

I really should put those rude Minifig Highlanders at the back!Wargames Room 031

I love these TAG Polish Winged Hussars, I just had to get some to paint and had the perfect excuse when taking part in a LAF painting competition a few years agoWargames Room 051

I’d hoped I’d left enough room for the storage cupboards that fill the far wall space, fortunately I had, it would have been a pain to empty these again.

More pictures of the games room to follow once the table arrives



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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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7 Responses to The Games Room

  1. Giles Allison says:

    Awesome pictures, Kerry – you must be so pleased with how your room is turning out. When did you paint the NZ Wars figures, next to the winged hussars?


  2. Pat G says:

    Great cabinet to display a very fine collection.

  3. Simon Bond says:

    Looks great mate, love to have a setup the same one day 🙂

  4. Wonderful events and views Valleyboyo. I can feel the envy enveloping the world! 8O)

    So who gets to clean the shelving units when sticky fingers and pressed up noses impact all that lovely glass? Oh yes … one day I shall visit!!! 8O))

    von Peter himself

  5. rj_bc_briant says:

    Looks fantastic Kerry. I have spotted the revolutionary French Bread Makers from Eureka Minatures in your collection. I bought the Vivandieres from that collection.  Russell 

    Sent from my Samsung device

    • valleyboynz says:

      Thanks guys for all the positive comments
      I heard today that the table is being delivered on Friday so I’m looking forward to playing again

      Peter I’m looking forward to a visit from you and I must get you around for a game Simon sometime with Richard and Anthony March

      I painted the NZ wars figures for Ayton around 18 months ago I think Giles – really nice figures but I doubt I’ll add to them

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