A painting stand

My paints seem to be all over the place at present and they seem to be multiplying. Of course it has nothing to do with my fear that some of my most used or favourite colours will run out so I have about 20 pots of these replacements hanging around as well.

Most of the time I use Vallejo though I do have some GW paints (don’t ask which – the names change too often!) and a some of the Army Painter washes. They take up a surprising amount of place on the workbench and sometimes I seem to spend an age trying to find a pot that I put to one side a short time earlier.

I found the ideal answer from http://www.miniaturicum.de/ from an advert on the Lead Adventure forum.

What a superb service, I duly ordered the largest one but Michael Funk the owner emailed me indicating he was re-designing this and offered me the newer version with 12 slots per tray rather than the previous 10 at the same price.

Its one of the best things wargaming accessories I’ve ever bought and was very easy to assemble taking me less than 15 minutes. Really good value and arrived in NZ pretty smartly as well

18th Century 003

Right who says that unpainted lead is no good for anything and not worth having around. 18th Century 004It certainly keeps the pressure on when the glue is drying. You can see the old trays in the background

18th Century 005 18th Century 006Very effective and very sturdy and highly recomended




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One Response to A painting stand

  1. Carlo says:

    Might need to grab one of these to mate – more paints than slots at present!

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