Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte

I’ve been somewhat enthused for all things Napoleonic by the Wellington re-fight as you might expect and with the weather being pretty awful for 2 weekends on the run I decided to tackle some 15mm buildings. These are produced by Tiger Terrain and have been designed to have a compact footprint. Tiger Terrain

Now I already have some good quality resin buildings but these are something else- they really are of an extraordinarily good quality and really were a joy to paint. Simply the best resin buildings I’ve ever bought so I’ve decided to get some more

La Haye Sainte

Wargames Terrain 013 Wargames Terrain 012At the moment I’ve just laid these out on some varnished ply and hopefully will get an opportunity to texture the base later this week. Colours used were Vallejo Stone Grey base coat for the walls washed with diluted Warpaints Army Painter soft tone and then dry brushed with a mix of stone grey and VJ Pale Sand with a final dry brush of pale sand. The roofs were painted in a base of VJ Field Blue and then washed with WP Dark tone and then varying amounts of VJ Luftwaffe uniform WWII , VJ Grey Blue and Pale Sand dry brushed on with a large brush.

I struggled a bit to try and settle on a colour scheme for Hougoumont having seen a few pictures on the net with much of the building white washed. In the end I settled for a brick colour by basecoating with GW Doombull Brown and highlighting with VJ Cavalry Brown after a dark tone wash and finally adding a little VJ Scorfulous Brown. The brown tile roofs being VJ Parasite Brown, washed as above and highlighted with a little VJ Clear orange and the the VJ Scorfulous Brown and Pale Sand again.

Wargames Terrain 016 Wargames Terrain 018


The only problem now is that I’ve realised that I’ve cut the baseboard too small having thought I was putting together option 1 on the Tiger Terrain website not option 2! I actually have enough walls for option 2 but at this stage cannot decide to go with a smaller garden or use all the walls I have for a larger one. Using the bigger garden will mean using 2 separate base boards and my carpentry is not the best. I’ll think about it over the next few days before again I texture the base.

I suppose this means that I should now crack on with those AB Prussians I bought a few months ago next!



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3 Responses to Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    Absolutely beautiful. You’ve done a wonderful job. When will we see them in action?

  2. valleyboynz says:

    Thanks Chris, they really were a joy to paint. As to a game – probably a few weeks at least, i’d like to make some decent ridges to run the length of the table and try and tart up my old TSS terrain blocks beforehand

  3. Nice paint jobs Valleyboyo. Did you buy 2 litre pots of paint for the job?

    I particularly like the moat you’ve placed around La Haye Sainte. That should make them French rethink their tactics! 8O)

    von Peter himself

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