A long term project – Great Italian Wars

Too many years ago to remember accurately I remember that pictures in the early issues of Miniature Wargames and later Wargames Illustrated would fill me with awe. They were generally from the collection of the late Peter Gilder and were either of massed Napoleonics or of the Italian Wars. From those early years I’ve always had a longing to collect both 28mm Napoleonics and Renaissance figures.

A few years ago Artizan Designs  began selling Landsknecht figures and being unable to resist I acquired  a few regiments and have gradually added more to them on occasions. At Salute I bought some Swiss Pikemen but they languished in lead pile for some time before I painted 12 as part of a LAF LPL competition and finally got around to finishing the regiment last year.

In 2011 I started a thread there but revived it as part of the “It’s alive” project this year- the link shows the original thread http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=34072.0

In the meantime I’d acquired more pikemen from Old Glory  and set about painting them over the a few months ago just before the Gallipoli project started. Now that this is complete I’ve been busy again and over the weekend finally got around to completing their flags

Here’s an Artizan Design regiment attacking

Italian wars 016

2 regiments of Swiss Pikemen, the left sided regiment was completed last year

Italian wars 012 Italian wars 021

and a 3rd regiment in mainly yellow colour scheme having taken quite a bit of artistic licence with these.

Italian wars 019


I’m also quite pleased with the way the Old Glory generic pikemen turned out. My intention is to use these as French Pike but I must confess to struggling to find suitable flags. I’ve painted them all up as if from the Picardie region but the actual flags are detachable simply being wrapped around styrene tube and slid over the pike. Hopefully I’ll get around to painting other designs including Italian ones in time so they can represent multiple units

Italian wars 004 Italian wars 007 Italian wars 010I

This left me with about 90 OG Landsknecht to paint along with 2 more Artizan regiments until I fell for a Warlord Games special offer this week and have now bought another 2 regiments. My excuse is that it’s definitely a long term project and I’ll get around to them one day!



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6 Responses to A long term project – Great Italian Wars

  1. Great looking models, lots of character and great banners! They look awesome all ranked up in those big blocks.

  2. Simon Bond says:

    Great looking figs, lovely paint job the basing really brings them to life! 🙂

  3. A great project on a great period Valleyboyo. I started a similar project several years … errr … decades ago using mainly Redoubt figures which were a bit up an down quality wise. I shall be watching your progress with interest … and a little jealousy! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  4. Mark H says:


    I’m currently working on the first of my own return to the period, using Connoisseur figures. I am starting with two small Swiss and Florentine Forces totalling around 700 models but that will increase in time I hope.

    1 x 96 pike
    2 x 72 pike
    2 x 36 shot
    2 x 20 halberds and 2 handers
    5 x knights
    10 x mounted crossbowmen

    4 x 36 pike
    8 x 24 shot
    1 x 18 halberd
    1 x 5 men at arms
    1 x 10 knights
    20 x mounted crossbow and handgun

  5. valleyboynz says:

    Thanks Mark, best of luck with those
    I was just thinking that I ought to finish off the remainder of the pike that are waiting patiently in the leadpile, I think another Artizan unit, 4 x 24 from Warlord and some old Glory Lansknecht. I’d then feel able to buy some horse and some Spanish
    Lots of inspiration on the web here http://olicanalad.blogspot.co.nz/
    though I’m not sure why they come up as NZ urls

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