The troops are off to Gallipoli – finished at last

I must confess to feeling a little sad yesterday when the troops left.

There were however, no tears from sweethearts and family or cheers from supportive crowds as my contingent left for the front. No waving arms or hats were thrown into the air and the band band music was conspicuously absent as there wasn’t a bandsman to be seen anywhere. No loud blasts from steam train whistles or ships horns were heard by the throng that had come to see them off from the quay as would have been the case then. No troops  crammed in large numbers in small cabins and not one of them elbowed another or stood on his mate’s toes in  an effort to get in a last wave to those on the shore

No it was all bubble wrap and a box as my wife and I carefully wrapped each figure for its journey to Wellington with fingers crossed that too many rifles don’t get bent, paint doesn’t rub off helmets or boots  and that arms fixed with araldite prove to be strong enough.

There was some last minute angst about whether I really ought to have repainted some faces or tidied up this or that but one figure did get a new coat of silver on his bayonet to cover the flesh coloured paint that had inadvertently been dabbed there. No I just had to draw the line as otherwise I’d still be fiddling away and they’d never make it on time.

Goodbye then to the metal 27 Turks and 27 Kiwis along with the 9 resin British figures that have occupied most of my spare time over the past month or so, waiting patiently for my attention whilst we moved house and unpacked.

Its been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed diorama

Till we meet again……..

WW1 Gallipoli 001 WW1 Gallipoli 003

WW1 Gallipoli 004 WW1 Gallipoli 002

WW1 Gallipoli 006 WW1 Gallipoli 020




About valleyboynz

A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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2 Responses to The troops are off to Gallipoli – finished at last

  1. Rhys Jones says:

    Thanks for taking up this challenge and being part of history. I know that wargamers throughout the world are envious of what we are doing. It would not mean as much to us if these had been painted overseas, but to have New Zealanders put their own time and resources into this makes it truly special for us all. I think that you can smile to yourself that, like many who went to Gallipoli, you were born overseas but you have done something truly special for New Zealand. Thank you.
    Armchair General.

  2. A wonderful job there Valleyboyo. I think a little tipple might be in order as a reward! 8O)

    von Peter himself

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