Gallipoli Diorama – more progress

It was a choice between moving soil and rubble at the new house today or painting Kiwi troops for the Gallipoli Diorama.

No prizes for guessing which option came out tops

By mid afternoon I managed to finish off the 10 Auckland Mounted Rifles that I was allotted. These are in a resting pose

I must say these were really nice figures to paint but I find I’m struggling to get what I think is a decent finish to the faces.

WW1 Gallipoli 001




Mate, your face looks a bit funny…..

WW1 Gallipoli 002

Some Knackered looking and sleeping figures

WW1 Gallipoli 003

Here are all 10

WW1 Gallipoli 007


The effort is growing, I’ll be sad to see them leave

WW1 Gallipoli 024

Later this afternoon with the pile of soil still waiting (I’ll edit this sometime to show the pile!) I finished off some bareheaded Kiwi’s digging. These were a struggle to put together as the shovels kept breaking so I’m actually quite relieved these are done


WW1 Gallipoli 025


Just 9 Brits to finish this week before sending them off for posting


WW1 Gallipoli 026


Once they are done  I think I’ll try and paint some flags for Italian wars French pike and then I might treat myself to painting some Perry Napoleonic Hussars and Chasseurs for a refight of Waterloo that takes place in Wellington in June


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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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One Response to Gallipoli Diorama – more progress

  1. Great looking paint job, I know what you meant by the one with the funny face, I had one in a batch that looks like a before shot for plastic surgeons ad. Make them more real I guess 🙂

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