Anzac Diorama

I feel as if I have a bit of a cheek really posting again after a long hiatus but a lot has happened in the past year including building a new house and moving in a few weeks ago.

Hopefully now I’ll have more time in future to publicize my wargames activity on line.

At the moment I’m frantically painting for an NZ wide collective painting  project that is now well underway – This is something that I’m really pleased and proud to be taking part in and it seems an ideal project to blabber on about here

I’ve already logged some recent progress there but since then I’ve completed a little more. I thought I’d take the time to show future progress here.

Today I took a few more photos of completed figures, adding a few recently finished Turks so that to date I’ve managed 18 Turkish infantry and now put the finishing touches to 9 Anzacs.

Gallipoli 003

Gallipoli 006

The Turks have the high ground as was the case at Gallipoli!Gallipoli 009

More Anzacs have been prepped ready for painting though these have been something of a challenge needing lots of filling and repair as the shovels kept breaking

Gallipoli 015

so we’ll let the Turks have the final word for now

Gallipoli 003




About valleyboynz

A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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3 Responses to Anzac Diorama

  1. Giles Allison says:

    Lovely work, VB. I can’t quite make out what’s happening in the diorama because there are charging and firing figures on both sides (unless I’ve missed something).

  2. Hi Valley Boy, can you contact me please? I need someone who is experienced in historical models rather than the Games Workshop fantasy models I am familiar with.
    I can’t see under Word Press how to post a private message to you so I am resorting to a comment 🙂
    Really like your work on the ANZAC models!

    • valleyboynz says:

      Hi Bruce

      Thanks for the encouragement – I’ve just had a look at your site and astonished by the quality of your painting – superb

      I’m the opposite in that I know little about GW stuff myself.
      What sort of historicals are you interested in? As I’ve been a wargamer and painter for about 30 yrs I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff and have an interest in many periods, initially 15mm size but in recent years 28mm stuff



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