It’s about time…

…….I think I ought to post some 15mm stuff – this after all is what I mainly game in and makes up the bulk of my collection

The core of my 15mm stuff has to be the Napoleonics

I started collecting in these in 1983 and by now must have close to 10,000 by now. I blame all those superb pictures in Miniature Wargames of masses 28mm Napoleonics by the likes of Peter Gilder. The problem was that I was a student, and a married one at that so I could afford very little and certainly not 28mm figures. My collection started when I persuaded my wife to bring me back some figures when she went to London to visit a friend for the weekend.  She made a special visit to Bill Brewer’s shop in London and brought me back some 15mm Napoleonic figures by minifigs. They were a mixture of British and French. I still love those 2nd generation figures and eagerly added to them at shows over the following years.

Later on Battle Honours came on the scene and my Christmas presents and birthday presents were the usual excuses for adding to the armies. The original figures were painted in enamels and most have either been stripped and repainted or at the least touched up to make them more presentable. In the 80s quite a few of us at Cardiff Wargames Club had acquired a Napoleonic habit and large armies using In the Grand Manner Rules were the order of the day.

To meet the demands and targets we set ourselves I expanded my French and British armies and later added a Russian Army. This is badly in need of repainting and I will get around to its some day. I made a start a few months back and touched up some old BH Russians in greatcoats and added a few more AB figures in one of my trips to Melbourne from Eureka. I will eventually strip and repaint my original Russian Minifigs I think


After starting to collect Russians I added Westphalians, again from minifigs and then other French allies including a Bavarian, Saxon and Wurttemburg armies. I also picked up 6 battalions of Brunswickers to supplement my British and remember even buying British in greatcoats to speed up the painting process

I suppose by the the mid and late nineties I could afford to spend a little more and my Austrian army is almost exclusively made up from AB figures.

By this time I’dd added French Guard and I remember before leaving for NZ in 1999 frantically buying a lead hoard from various manufacturers including Gladiator Games (now Black Hat) where I got Italians and Prussians.

Since then all the armies have grown in size and I added Spanish and Portuguese armies along with Duchy of Warsaw after moving here.

At the moment I have plans to build up a division of Russian Guard, having a few battalions in the painting queue along with some Nassauers currently awaiting the attention of a brush. Most recently I’ve added a few units of cavalry mainly to the French and Russians so they continue to grow.

Take a look at this lot – a few years ago I wanted to see what they would look like and plonked them all on a table – it took a few hours!


http:// photo NapoleonicCollection02.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection03.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection04.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection026.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection027.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection031.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection05.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection043.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection099.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection064.jpghttp:// photo NapoleonicCollection077.jpg photo NapoleonicCollection01.jpg

Whoppee, by some sort of magic I’ve managed to post some pictures from my photobucket page direct to here. There’s only one thing for it then, over the next few days I’ll start posting some of the various armies in more detail, I have no excuse now.

The second thing is seeing that lot in all their glory makes me want to put them all out once again!


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