A Rembrandt

I’m a lucky man, I now own a Rembrandt – well actually I have 10 of them!

Yeah right!….

Well yeah, sort of…. or at least the nearest thing!

My good friend Giles Allison of Tarleton’s Quarter fame visited NZ recently and gave me a very special gift. He very kindly presented me with 10 lovely VBCW figures that he painted for me and also gave some to another friend who lives locally.

This really is a special gift, I really had no idea that he’d done this and was quite taken aback by his generosity. To own ” a Giles” or in this case 10 of them is indeed something special particularly when you think that he has such little free time to paint these days and the trouble and care that he puts into them. A few years ago when I timed a return UK trip to Salute my wife and I visited Shelly at his flat and he gave me a tutorial on painting faces. The detail he achieves and the life that this puts into his figures by doing this is outstanding – and that’s an understatement. I know on his blog he alluded to his project X

Well here they are, in all their glory, the North Island Welsh

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I now have a new period!

I’ll add to these figures in a while but first of all I have to get those 15mm Blue Moon ACW figures painted, along with those PMC buildings that came today or should I finish off those Crusades figures that have been waiting… err no I did say I’d get the Dark Ages stuff finished but I still haven’t finished prepping those 15mm Russian Guard infantry that I got for Xmas but then I should really make some terrain for 28mm and what about those PSC Panthers….. the embarrassing thing is of course is that the list  I could go on and on and on and….!


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