Murawski Miniatures

In October 2013 I was lucky enough to play the part of Poniatowski in a re-fight of Leipzig organised by NZ wargamer John Hutton in Wellington. It really was a massive game and I shall have to post some pictures of this at a later date.

The rules used were Black Powder and required me to furnish 6 battalions each of 24 figures in addition to a regiment of Krakus and  a foot battery. Because I would normally play games with General de Brigade I opted to paint them in 36 figure strong battalions for later use.

The figures produced and sold by fellow Welshman Roger Murrow of Murawski Miniatures were sculpted by Paul Hicks and are superb. I simply had to have these for my battalions. They are also available from Eureka Miniatures

I really enjoyed painting the figures though I found the faces, or more specifically the eyes a bit of a challenge and decided not to attempt to paint them. Roger was kind enough to provide me with a copy of an uniform guide. There were quite a few variations to the uniforms so I used this excuse to paint the 1st and 2nd battalions of the regiments in different colours.

Here are a few pictures of the infantry

8th Line Regiment 1st & 2nd battalions

8th Line 1st battalion





8th Line 2nd battalion


1st Line 2nd Battalion


1st Line 2nd Battalion


15th Line 2nd battalion


15th line 2nd Battalion




Next the Foot artillery

Polish Line artillery


The Krakus



Command stands – Murawski Miniatures

Murawski Command

To supplement this I added a few commanders from the Front Rank range. These again were very easy to paint but are much more chunky than Murawski Miniatures and so I wouldn’t recommend mixing both ranges on the same base or in the same unit

Front Rank Command


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4 Responses to Murawski Miniatures

  1. Giles says:

    Fantastic painting and pictures, Kerry. You’ve done perfect justice to these sculpts.

  2. Carlo Pagano says:

    Hi Kerry -they look simply sensational. I also have taken the plunge withese beautiful Poles from Murawski and hope mine look half as good as yours. Look forward to following your blog intently.

    Cheers and good luck


    • valleyboynz says:

      Thank you Carlo for your kind comments. I’m looking forward to adding some lancers and 2 battalions of the Vistula legion in time but I want to clear away some 15mm ACW stuff beforehand. RTBs figures really are lovely to paint

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