A little bit of gore

Just thought this might be of interest

Perry French Line lancers

French line Lancers

French line Lancers

French Line Lancer

First of all to get this effect, you need one of these – his name is Llew and of course it goes without saying that he has to misbehave!


Next gather up the stuffing and when you are next undercoating figures use what’s left to dye to stuffing (I undercoat with black enamel thinned with turps)

Next get a small grass tuft and tease it out and superglue to the site where the musket ball is meant to impact…

Then find the pesky dog and trim a few hairs (he’s got lots and won’t miss a few – plus he’ll do anything now to get back in your goodbooks).

Again superglue to the tuft as this will give a long blood splatter and just add a drop of glue to the end of the hair. Paint a suitable red colour and add the musket ball in black. Simples

Here some more on an advancing French Column

French column advancing

Advancing French Column


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A Welsh wargamer living in NZ
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